Boomer Update

Here is an update from Natalie. Enjoy!…

“Hi Kristy,

I’m writing to give you a quick update about Boomer. He’s the sable & white male from Molly and Buster’s litter last year on March 31, 2012. At almost 1, he weighs about 26lbs and enjoys fruits and vegetables with his dry kibbles! He loves apples, pears, blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots. He’s doing wonderful and is such a joy to my family! He likes to play with my 11 & 8 yr old sons and wants to be included in their games. He loves to snuggle in bed and will lay beside me on the sofa throughout a movie. Each time we give him a pressed bone, he would look for a place to hide it. Are Cavachons fond of digging in the dirt? We’ve trained him to fetch the newspapers from the bottom of our driveway…attached is a photo of him taken today, chilling out and enjoying a cool breeze on the deck. ūüôā Thank you so much for Boomer. He’s such a GREAT dog and makes us laugh a lot!

Best regards,
Natalie S.”


Here is a cute video of him as well.

Boomer Gets the Paper

(Not So) Quick Updates

This post is going to be a bunch of quick updates (that are not so quick after all) about various topics, (almost) all of course, relating to dogs!!

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip from CA where I delivered Maggie’s Tri male pup (pictured in another blog post), and visited with my cousins and sister. ¬†Along the way, both going and coming, I received deposit commitments, and as of right now, every single puppy on our property (Chelsea, Pansy, Rosie’s litters), are all spoken for and will have homes when they are old enough to go home! ¬†This has not happened in years, and it is a very exciting place to be in! ¬†Puppies that can go home right at 8 weeks old (unless we’re accelerating them) is the best, and it looks like all of our current puppies will get to meet their families when they are young and super cute!!

While on my trip, I ran into a friend in PetSmart! ¬†What a wonderful mini reunion we had, catching up on each of our families, and ultimately resulting in my visiting her mini ranch where she raises Golden Retrievers, Yorkies, Parrots, Sun Conyers, has a couple of turtles, cats, free range chickens, and 30 or so acres of Oranges and citrus fruits. ¬†I came home with 4 boxes of Navel CALIFORNIA oranges, and man, are they DELICIOUS!!!! ¬†As I drove through CA, passing all the citrus trees loaded with fruit, I was jealous but at the same time reminding myself that I get to eat raspberries by the gallons all year-long, for FREE, and they all would be jealous of that!! ¬†I’m so excited to know that I now have an excellent honey source, citrus source, and of course, we have our own incredible raspberry source!

While visiting my friend, I could help but fall in love with her Goldens. ¬†This pair below is expecting babies any day, and oh how I want one of them! ¬†My daughter and I both love the more golden color, but these dogs were so sweet, I’m sure any of the puppies from the litter would be a wonderful addition to our mini farm! ¬†It is so tempting to want one of these puppies that will be ready this summer, but we still have Princess, our fearless Sharpei mix as our yard dog, and I really don’t want to rock the boat right now. ¬†But in the meantime, I’ll show you pictures of the future parents of a future puppy that we will add to our Silver Paw Kennels family, as our yard dog and pet (and I admit, I would be tempted to make some Goldendoodles or something!).


In other news, the sable/white male pup from Chelsea’s litter flew home to Alabama last night on the red-eye flight to Atlanta, GA. ¬†He has arrived safely and is doing well:)


He was so cute in his blue crate with his blue towel and carmel-y brown coat. ¬†I can’t wait to see pictures of him with his new family!


Today, the Bichon male will be going to his new home. ¬†He is the brother to 4 sisters that we have kept and are raising to become future mothers in our Cavachon breeding program. ¬†They are all growing so nicely, and to give you a taste of what the girls look like, here is their brother above. ¬†I’ve named them all after “Little Women”, so you should be seeing Amy, Meg, Beth, and Jo in the next year or so, as mother dogs to our future Cavachon puppies.

I am currently working hard to match all the black/white female puppies from Chelsea’s litter to their individual families. ¬†After we get them all placed, I will be focusing on travel arrangements as these girls are all old enough to go to their new homes. ¬†If you are waiting for a Chelsea girl, I have sent an email explaining the selection process, and once I know the type of travel arrangements necessary for your puppy, I will let you know final payment info for your puppy. ¬†It would be good to check in with me, and let me know you received my recent email about the puppy selection process.

Once Chelsea’s girls are gone, I will put my full attention on Pansy’s litter, sending photos and video updates to their future families, and getting in touch to map travel arrangements and let you also know what the final payment amounts will be. ¬†I’d like to see all the puppies go home right around 8 weeks old, except the pup/s we will be accelerating.

And finally, Rosie had her litter, which is great news. ¬†But……she only had one sable/white female puppy. ¬†I was really hoping for more, (and needing her to have more), so anyone that was waiting for a Rosie pup, we’ll have to put our attention forward to other upcoming litters. ¬†At this time, I only have one hopeful pregnancy on the horizon. ¬†Lilly and Skippy mated about 2 weeks ago, so we should be having puppies in May, but of course, it’s too early to confirm whether or not she is actually pregnant by merely looking at her belly.

We will be on belly patrol for the next couple weeks, and I am hoping we will see more round bellies as we move toward warmer spring days, and sunny summer months.

So, that’s about it for now! ¬†Let me know if you have any questions, or if you’d like more information about getting your name on our waiting list. ¬†It’s never too early to send a deposit to get your name on that list. ¬†As the past few weeks show, things can move very quickly around here, and we may just be entering a new era where there is more demand than we have puppies available. ¬†Hopefully we will be able to keep everyone happy with a constant flow of adorable, wonderful, non-shedding, happy, and family friendly Cavachon Puppies!!!

Things Are Moving FAST!!

Oh wow!  I can hardly keep up!  Things have moved so fast this weekend, I think we only have 3 puppies that are still available for selection at this time.

Congratulations to Nancy who has been matched to the blenheim female from Pansy’s litter. ¬†They will be united in a few weeks when Pansy’s puppies are old enough to go home.

Congratulations to Amy, who has selected the Solid Sable Female from Maggie’s litter. ¬†That adorable puppy will be flying home on Friday to Minnesota!

Linda will be getting her Black/Tan Male from Maggie’s litter this Sunday, and the Tri Male from Maggie’s litter will be going to California this week.

All four of the black/white females, 3 from Chelsea’s litter, and 1 from Pansy’s litter are reserved for selection. ¬†This means they will all have homes, but I don’t know which puppy will be going to which family just yet.

Cynthia is deciding on one of the sable/white male puppies, which will leave the other sable/white male, and both blenheim male puppies from Pansy’s litter available for deposit.

So it looks like we have just 3 Cavachon puppies from the current litters still available for deposits! ¬†It was a whirlwind weekend, with 5 new families making commitments about puppies. ¬†If you are on the fence, please don’t wait, and get your deposit sent in. ¬†Things can change minute to minute here at Silver Paw Cavachons!!

Puppy Matched

We’ve matched another puppy! Congratulations to Fleming, who has selected the sable/white female from Pansy’s litter!


We’re now ready to talk with Shari, Nancy, and Cynthia in detail about their puppy selections! You three, are now at the top of the waiting list, so please contact us ASAP so we can discuss the puppy selection process, and puppy personalities, and availability!


Looking forward to working with everyone!