Health Guarantee




For your guarantee to be effective, you must do two things:

1. Take your puppy to a vet for a Well Puppy Check-Up within 3 days of receiving him/her (not counting Sundays or holidays).  We realize 3 days is a short period of time, but we want you to know immediately that you have a healthy puppy, and if there is something wrong with your puppy, we want to know immediately so we can choose the best plan of action.

2. Continue using the NuVet Pet Supplements until your puppy is at least one year old. We cannot stress how important these extra supplements are in making a smooth transition from our home to yours. They will support the puppy through the immunization period and then just provide that extra touch for healthy teeth, hair, skin, etc. throughout the life of your dog. We recommend the automatic shipment plan on the wafers to save an additional 15% on this product.

We offer a 1 year Health Guarantee for your puppy.  If within the first year, your puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening health problem (heart, liver, kidney), the puppy can be returned for a full refund or you may get a replacement puppy.  If you choose a refund, we will reimburse for the original cost of the puppy, and pay to have the puppy shipped back to us.  We will need a signed statement from your veterinarian stating why he/she has diagnosed the puppy with a life threatening health problem.

If you would like to get a replacement puppy, we will do our best to provide another puppy as soon as possible, but this does not place you at the top of the waiting list if other people have selected, or are in the process of selecting available puppies.

If the puppy dies within the first year of being in his/her new home, an autopsy must be performed to determine the cause of death, and to verify that the puppy did not die due to injury, accident, or an illness that was caused by the buyer.  A copy of the report must be sent to the seller to determine if a refund will be provided.

When we send our puppies home, they do not have any known contagious, congenital, or hereditary illnesses.

If you choose to keep the puppy, regardless of any health issue, we will not refund for the cost of the puppy, travel expenses, or cover any vet expenses, or future vet expenses.


Worms & Parasites: including Coccidiosis and Giardia (both common in puppies).  All puppies are dewormed on a regular schedule.  While we do our best to send puppies home without these annoyances, some need additional treatment.  We recommend that you take a stool sample to your Well Puppy Check-Up.

Umbilical Hernias: some puppies will end up with an umbilical hernia, usually caused by the cord being chewed off too close to the body.  If an umbilical hernia bothers you, it can easily be fixed when your puppy is spayed or neutered.

Non Life-threatening Health Problems: allergies to certain food items, skin rash, loose stool, etc.  While most of our puppies go home and don’t develop any type of issue, there is an occasional puppy that will have a complication.  These are generally manageable with help from your veterinarian, and are not covered under this Health Guarantee.  We assume no responsibility for vet expenses after the puppy has gone home.

Underbite: while most of our Cavachon puppies have a straight bite, some puppies might have a slight underbite.  With proper dental care during the life of your puppy, including periodic cleaning, an underbite should not cause long term issues for the health of your dog.

Any other non life-threatening issue.


Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment!  We want to know that our puppies are going to loving homes that are willing and able to give them the love and care that they need.  Please do your homework and know that a Cavachon is the right dog for your family.  We want you to share many years of happiness with your new family member!

Once a puppy leaves our property and is exposed to outside elements, we are not able to take him back if your family is allergic to him, or for any other reason.  We can help you find a new home, but you will need to keep and care for the puppy until that happens.

If you or a family member has allergies, please meet and visit a Cavachon before making a commitment to purchase a puppy.  We have had great success with Cavachons going to families that suffer with allergy issues, but it has NOT always worked!  The best way to know if a Cavachon will work for your family is to meet one in person, rub him all over you, and then go home and see what happens!

There are many things that can interrupt puppy ownership.  Please consider the following examples when you are deciding whether or not to add a new puppy to the family…

Your family needs to move and you can’t take the puppy along.
Your work location changes, or your work schedule changes, and you no longer have time for the puppy.
You did not clear this idea with your spouse/significant other before purchasing the puppy.
You didn’t know it would be so expensive to have a puppy.
There are health problems in your family that drain time or finances.
There are other problems in your family that drain time or finances.
Your landlord doesn’t allow dogs.
Your current dog or cat doesn’t like the new puppy.
Your new puppy doesn’t like your current dog or cat.
You don’t like the size/color/personality of your new puppy.
You can’t potty train your new puppy.

Please carefully consider whether adding a new puppy to your family is best for everyone involved.  We want our puppies to go to the best homes possible, where they will be loved and cherished for their entire lives!!