F1, F1b, F2

This will be the first time we have 3 types of Cavachons available at the same time. I’ve had some questions regarding the distinction letters and numbers so I’ll explain a bit here.

F1 – this is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel bred to a Bichon Frise. This is a first generation puppy. Most of our litters are F1 litters. Sophia and Abbey have F1 puppies.

F1b – this is a Cavachon bred to a Bichon. This is what our Scarlett has produced in the past. Until this current litter, she was always bred to a Bichon male. These puppies can have a little tighter curl to their coat but not all end up like this. Their colors can be more muted or they can be vi rant just like the first generation. These puppies are essentially 3/4 Bichon and 1/4 Cavalier. Roxy was bred to Charlie our Cavachon male. This will be our first F1b litter with a Bichon as the mom.

F2 – this is a Cavachon bred to a Cavachon. These puppies are 1/2 Cavalier and 1/2 Bichon, but they are second generation puppies. Our current Scarlett x Charlie litter is an F2 litter. The colors are very vibrant and I’m so thrilled we got Black and Tan puppies because these have been very rare with the F1 breedings. Both Scarlett and Charlie are black/tan Cavachons and they produced some gorgeous colors!!

I hope that helps explain things!

5 responses to “F1, F1b, F2

  1. Thank you much! That really did help clarify things! One last question in terms of size of adult dogs. Is there much difference between the F1 and F2 in terms of size? I was hoping to find a smaller dog in the 13-17 pound range. I’m sure there are always size differences within each litter, but my question was generally speaking about F1 vs. F2. Thanks again! I appreciate your patience with the questions!

  2. Thank you for the clear explanation. Is there a difference in the health risks for each one? I am particularly concerned about mitral valve disease. With the F1b that would have less percentage cavalier, could one assume a lesser risk for MVD?

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