BIG Cavachons

Look what I found in my drafts folder! Time to finally publish it!!

So many people want small dogs, and they are definitely adorable, but I have to admit, I LOVE the BIG ones!

I asked my owners to send me pictures of their big Cavachons, those that grew to 18 lbs or more.

I think these dogs are simply regal and gorgeous!!




Macy 29 lbs

Hi Kristy,

Attached is a picture of Nikki from Ruby and Mosely’s June 2009 litter. She weighs 25 pounds and was the biggest of six in the litter. I love her size because she’s big enough that she can’t get lost under my feet. She’s still a hundred laughs a day and has the sweetest personality. Everybody simply loves her and she them.


Jake (right), 36 lbs



Gabby 22 lbs



Mindy 20 lbs


Geddy 25 lbs

4 responses to “BIG Cavachons

  1. Luna was from Jack and Scarlett in November of 2020. She weighs 20-21 pounds and was the largest in the litter. She is a bundle of energy and a gorgeous and healthy dog. I love her size (although size was never part of the equation when choosing her).

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