Update on Scarlett Litter

Hi Everyone!

I’ve had some interest in the Scarlett puppies though none have been matched quite yet.

I’ll be sending photos of the black pup, blenheim female, and the golden male to prospective families tomorrow. We still have the golden cream male, solid sable male, large blenheim male, and the light blenheim female available.

I wanted to let everyone know that since these puppies are a bit older and have had two shots, we are willing to ship them if there is an available flight with Alaska Airlines. With steep airline prices right now for human travelers, this might be a good option for those that are too far to drive.

Please reach out if you’re interested in a puppy from Scarlett’s litter. You do not need to be on the waiting list and puppies are ready to go home early next week.

L-R, SS M, Blen F, LG Blen M, Blk M, Light Blen F, Gold M, Gold Cream M