Available Puppies

There are 4 new videos on FB of our available puppies.  They are also pictured below. 

These puppies are available to anyone with a qualified home. They have already gone through the waiting list so those that are not yet on the waiting list can inquire about these pups. 

After these 3 pups find homes, we are expecting a Cavachon litter in September and 2 Cavachon litters in October. When new puppies are born, we will start at the top of the waiting list with each litter as we match puppies to their forever families. 


Golden Female

Tri male

Black Male

9 responses to “Available Puppies

  1. How old is the golden female? I am interested but have quite a few questions. Please call me at 815-342-2400. My name is Jo Rexer and I live in Illinois. Where are you located?

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  2. I’m inquiring on the puppies that are for sale. I live in Herkimer, NY and would love to add a dog to our family. I have two little boys who are obsessed with animals and would love a dog of their own. How much are the puppies and is there any way to be added to the wait list? Please let me know any details you can provide me. Also, is this breed good with kids? I have a 4 and 7 year old. Thanks so much for your assistance!
    Amanda Saunders

  3. Hi Kristie, Do you have any pictures of what the pups look like when they are full grown?

    Kind regards, Linda Kasper

    Linda F. Kasper lfkasp@aol.com Cell: 215-208-0152 Skype: Linda Kasper

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