Quick Update

Hi Everyone!
I’m behind on responding to emails. School started this past week, which means I’m working part time now, so it’s taking a bit to find my new routines with work and fitting in puppy time, cleaning, and correspondence. It doesn’t help that my husband is gone in CA with his mother, and helping her through the loss of her husband (and hubby’s father).  So, I’ve been taking care of everything solo, and just the basics are getting done (food, water, poop, vet, groomer when needed).  He gets back home today so the load will lighten up for me and I will have time to attack my deep email list and respond to everyone. 

If you want a quicker response, just resent your email and that will pop you to the top of my list. Right now my focus is on placing the last black pup from Chantel’s litter, and then I’ll get serious about the 2 available pups in Maggie’s litter. 

We’ve had some mating activity this month so we should be having a couple Bichon litters and a Cavachon litter born in October with puppies ready to go home around Christmas. We also have a Cavachon litter due in September and Paisley is definitely pregnant. 

Thank you all for your patience as I settle into the new school year. As expected, there are extra things to do after school during the first week so that has cut I to my dog time as well. But do know that all the basics are happening, and things should be more normal next week.