A Few More Details

I forgot to say when I plan to call people about Jazzy’s litter. It will be this Friday beginning at 2pm pacific time. I’m happy to FaceTime at that time during the call.

I’ve had some trouble editing the waiting list. It won’t load properly so I have not been able to remove the names from the Scarlett litter or add new names to the physical list on the website. Be assured that if you sent a waiting list fee, you ARE on the waiting list even if your name isn’t actually there.

Tomorrow I’ll get on a computer and see if the website will be more cooperative from there. That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with more pictures of the other litters.

Jazzy and Duke Puppy Selection

Hello Everyone!!

This post is long overdue!!

Thank you for your patience. We are ready to match the Jazzy litter.

There are 5 puppies in this litter, two girls and three boys. Here is their most recent video on Facebook.


This is a terrible photo, but here they are between wiggles. Tri and sable/white girls in the back, two golden boys and a solid sable boy in the front.

These puppies are not huge, so I think they will be from 13-18lbs as adults. They will be ready for new homes starting December 10 through December 15. We really need them to go home on time as we have three other litters all growing up fast!!

Below is the litter form for this litter. If you are on our waiting list, and you’re wanting to be considered for Jazzy’s litter, click the link below and fill out the quick form. Be sure to check your waiting list number as it may have changed after the Scarlett litter has been matched.


Please remember that this is where you select ANY pup that you would consider, or that you would like to talk about. If you indicate only the gold pups, for example, and they are both gone by the time I get to your name, I will not call you about other pups from this litter. So if you want all your options option, select all of the puppies listed in the form.

Jazzy’s pups are almost 7 weeks old now and they are the oldest puppies on our property. If this timeline doesn’t work for you, here are the other litters that will be ready later:

Missy & Jester, 3 pups, also ready December 10. I’ll be posting their photos, video, and link tomorrow.

Dutchess & Jack, 7 pups, ready January 9, pictures coming.

Mercedes & Big Boy, 7 pups, ready January 20, pictures coming.

I can’t wait to hear from each of you. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (those that celebrate it).

From our house to yours😊

Still Available from Scarlett’s Litter

Hi Everyone,

We’ve matched half of the puppies so far!

Congratulations to:

Paul F/Taia B – Solid Sable F

Brenda V – Small Sable/White M

Minnette M – Sable/White F

JoAnn H – larger Sable/White M

The following puppies are still available though I’m waiting to hear back from Gary W, Carol H, and Eva before moving forward with new people.

Golden Male
Blenheim Male
Light Blenheim Male
Very Light Blenheim Female

These puppies will be ready November 12-17. We would like them to go home within that timeline if possible.

Send an email to silverpawcavachons@gmail.com if you’d like to be considered for one of these puppies.

Kristy 🐶😊💕

Scarlett Puppy Selection

Good Morning Everyone!

I’ve been MIA, but puppies have been growing and it’s time to match the Scarlett litter. Last night I posted several videos of them on FB and I’m happy to FaceTime as well today.

They are currently six weeks old and will be ready to go home November 12-18. We are not able to keep these puppies past those dates so please plan to pick up your puppy within that week.

Here is the call list for today.

I think it’s very possible that we will still have puppies once I’m through this list. It usually happens that people end up passing when I call or someone ahead of them chose the only puppy they were hoping to get. Please reach out to me via email if you’d like me to call you today if we still have puppies available after I’ve exhausted this list. silverpawcavachons@gmail.com

Our Facebook is Silver Paw Cavachons if you’d like to head over there to see the videos. Puppies are so cute right now! KP

Scarlett Litter List

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to post the litter list for Scarlett’s litter. There are 8 puppies, 3 girls and 5 boys. I’ll post updated photos and video this coming weekend. They are currently 3.5 weeks old.

Please fill in this form if you are on the waiting list and would like to be considered for this litter. They will be ready to go home November 11-17. Like the last litter, we are not able to do accelerated puppy training during the school year. Please only consider this litter if you are able to travel here between November 11-17.

Also, this is an F1b litter. The mother, Scarlett, is a Cavachon bred back to a Bichon Frise. the puppies are technically 3/4 Bichon and 1/4 Cavalier. Some do have a tighter curl and some colors are more muted.

The waiting list has been updated with all of the recent deposits that we have received.

This is an older photo, but you can see their colors. The solid sable, one white, and the sable/white with the spot on her head are the female puppies. More pictures soon.

Here is the litter link.


Mimi Litter Call List

Hi Everyone!

There’s a new video of the Mimi litter on our FB page.


They are now 6 weeks old and it’s time to get them matched to their forever families. Here is the call list:

Chances are they will go to the first 3-5 families unless someone has had a big change of plans. I’d like to make calls tomorrow morning and do FaceTime with those that are able. I’ll start at 10am so please be available to receive my call. If tomorrow doesn’t work for you, please reach out today so we can make different plans.

The puppies will be ready in just two weeks. Please remember I cannot hold any of these puppies past 8 weeks old and they all need to go home on time.

Thank you for your interest in these pups. They are cute, playful, and happy. The litter has been progressing without any bumps or complications!

Mimi & Duke Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

I’m opening the Mimi/Duke litter form early for puppy selection. Please fill out this form to indicate your interest in these three puppies. remember to check the box next to EVERY puppy that you would consider. We will only discuss the puppies that you have selected in the form.


They will be ready for new homes October 15-22nd. I will need these pups to head home during that window of time. Please respond only if you can work within that timeline.

These are F1, first generation Cavachon puppies. Their mom is a Bichon and their dad is a Cavalier. I expect them to be from 15-20lbs as adults.

Please check the waiting list for your number. If you don’t see your name let me know. These puppies are available first to those families that are on our waiting list.

Happy Fall!

Kristy 😊💕🐶

Fall Puppies

Hi Everyone!

It’s been exactly one month since I posted and in that time we’ve sent home all but two accelerated puppies, school started, Covid raise its nasty head, and a new litter of puppies was born.

We are working with one last puppy from both the Olivia and Penny litters. They are scheduled to go home in September and I can’t wait to take them to school!

Speaking of school, we started August 23rd, had a great first week, then had to quarantine this week. The one person that got sick (not me or my students, but an adult helper) is focusing on resting, and we are hoping to be back in person by this Friday. Needless to say, this suddenly created a ton of extra work for me, creating e-school distance learning assignments, adding three more students to the classroom, and keeping everything organized. Things are stable now and I’m ready to share the news puppies with all of you.

Mom and dad are Mimi (Bichon) & Duke (black/tan Cavalier). Puppies were born August 21st and we have three boys. This is a first generation litter, or F1.

They will be ready for their new homes October 16, but I will not be available to accelerated this litter. This means they will need to go home October 16-22nd. If this timeline does not work with your schedule, please pass on this litter and let the puppies go to families that are ready that week.

I expect the puppies to be within our typical weight range of 15-20lbs as adults. They are growing well with fat tummies, cozy naps, and healthy twitches while they sleep. They have had their dew claws removed and everything has been going smoothly!

They are currently 1 1/2 weeks old.

Black, Tri, Gold

I will add the litter selection form in a couple weeks with details on how to be considered for one of these puppies.

The first step is to be on our waiting list. Send me an email for more information.


Upcoming litters:

Scarlett should. Be due in September. She will have F1b puppies.

Kristy 😊💕🐶

Four Available Puppies

Hey Everyone,

I’ve just finished calling everyone from the waiting list who showed an interest and we have four puppies still available.

Please reach out via email (silverpawcavachons@gmail.com) or phone (number below) if you’re interested in more information.

Olivia’s litter-We have one available puppy.

Sable & White Male

He will be ready to go home August 20th. I expect him to be 15-18 lbs as an adult.

Penny Pups-one female, two males.

Golden Female
Light Golden Male
Darker Golden Male

The Penny pups will be ready August 12. I expect them to be in the 18-25lb range as adults.

Give me a call if you’d like to talk about these pups. You do not need to be on the waiting list to be considered for these puppies. Thanks! 509-936-2715

Kristy 💕😊🐶

Puppy Selection Penny Litter

Hi Everyone,

Tonight at 4pm I will begin the process of matching the Penny puppies. Here is a video of them on Facebook.


We have just two families interested in this litter.

1. Staci B

2. Jessica D

There are five puppies. If you would like to be added to my call list this evening, whether you are on the waiting list or not, please reach out and provide your phone number.

These pups are cute! They are going to be big (20+ lbs). They are so cute and playful and happy!!

Send me an email!