I think it’s fixed

Two biggest annoyances in my life…when people take my things without asking and don’t return them, and WHEN TECHNOLOGY DOESNT WORK even though I’m doing everything right.

I updated the form five times to add all the puppies and it wouldn’t save. I finally had to delete the form and start over. This one should work.


London & Jack Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone,

The next litter is from London, the sister of Dutchess. She was also bred to Jack and she had six puppies. They seem to be smaller than the Dutchess pups and my guess is that they will be from 13-18 lbs as adults.

We will do litter selection Wednesday, June 23rd at 4pm and the litter form will be open until Tuesday June 22 at 8pm.

Here are some photos, a video, and the link for puppy selection. I have side views available for each puppy if you’d like to request them via email.

Sable & White Female
Blenheim Female
Golden Female
Solid Sable Female
Sable & White Male
Sable & White Male

These puppies were born May 2nd and will be ready for their new homes July 4th. They are playful and fun, and will make wonderful pets!

Here is a quick video of them on our FB page. https://fb.watch/6f8Z6LOQDY/

Here is the litter link. Fill out this form if you’d like to be considered for this litter. Remember this is the time when you select every possible puppy that you’d be willing to take home. We will only consider and discuss those puppies that you have selected here. To keep all options open, select all of the puppies.


There has already been a lot of interest in this litter. Please double check your waiting list number as it is subject to change as more people are matched to their puppies and their names are removed from the waiting list.

Litters still to come are:

Allie’s – Black/White female, Gold Female, Blenheim Male. Currently 5 weeks old.

Kenzie’s – Gold Female, Blenheim Female. Currently 4 weeks old

Penny’s – 5 golden puppies. Just born Thursday. (Will be large pups)

All of these litters are F1.

Dutchess & Jack Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone,

Now that all the Fergie pups have been matched to their forever homes, we are opening up the next litters for puppy selection.

First up will be the Dutchess and Jack litter. This is the first litter from Dutchess and she had two blenheim colored puppies, a girl and a boy.

They were born May 2nd and will be ready for their new homes June 27th.

We will do litter selection this Monday, June 21st at 10am and/or I may be calling Sunday evening.

Here are some photos, a video, and the link for puppy selection.

Female right side
Female left side
Male right side
Male left side

These puppies are super playful and happy. Their coats are plush and curly. The boy is larger than the girl. I expect them to be from 14-20 lbs as adults.

Here is a quick video of them on our FB page. https://fb.watch/6cUhYpdb-G/

Transportation to SeaTac is available for this litter on June 24 for a fee.

Here is the litter link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeDOTJyyRspQ8V-uqHSIlvGNC2WGyiKEvFdX_vzUbDEpoAJAA/viewform

Available Puppies

I’ve called everyone who reached out about the Fergie puppies and we still have four more puppies available, two girls and two boys.


Three of these are the largest puppies in the litter so I expect them to be megachons and around 25lbs as adults.

They have all been to the vet and have their health certificates, are current on shots and worming, and they’re ready to go home.

Please email us at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com for more information. You can also call! 509-936-2715

“Purple” Female
“Pink” Female
Largest Male
Smallest Male

These puppies are all very happy and playful! They are inquisitive, rambunctious when they play together, and cuddly when they’re held. All are going to make wonderful pets!!

Fergie Call List

Hi Everyone,

It’s time to match the Fergie puppies. Here are the names of those interested in this litter, and the call list order.

Please note that Jenn M has already taken her puppy home, one of the small girls, and Ruhina is coming tomorrow to choose her pup between 9-10am. After that, I will start making phone calls.

If any of the rest of you want to come tomorrow to pick up a pup, please just let me know. They have seen the vet and are ready to go now.

I’m finally done with the last week of school, 8th grade graduation, and delivering the last puppy from the Scarlett litter to a family in Connecticut. Puppy nanny service is available this summer and pending into the fall and winter.

Stay tuned for photos of the upcoming litters (we have several). Hope your summer is off to a great start!

Scarlett’s medium sable/white male
Newark puppy delivery!

Fergie Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

Things are going to start getting so busy here with life and puppies. We have a BUNCH of litters and school ends in nine days. For the first time, I’m also in charge of 8th grade graduation, so there are new responsibilities to wrap up this school year.

Today, the first Pearlie pup went home! She is joining “Chip” from a 2012 litter. We had JUST moved to this house and Chip’s litter had lost their mother. He was bottle fed, along with 5 siblings. It was really wonderful to see him!

Take a good look at Chip up close. He was a dark solid sable and he has really kept his color well. His family told me he has never been shaved, only trimmed with scissors for the past 9 years. Could this help Cavachons hold their color??

Paisley and Chip with their family!!

In my last post I mentioned that Kenzie was in labor. After an emergency c-section yesterday, she came home with two beautiful girls. I think this is probably our last litter until mid summer.

I’m making plans to deliver puppies to the east coast and Alaska after school ends, and it’s time to get serious about matching the Fergie puppies. Here are the videos that I posted of them on Facebook today.

There are NINE!!!…6 girls and 3 boys. They all have nice blenheim colors and they vary quite a bit in size.



They will be ready to go home after June 5th. They are currently six weeks old and they are up to date with working meds and they’ll get their first shot next week.

As you fill out the litter form, please double check your waiting list number. I have removed the names of those matched to puppies from the Pearlie and Paige litters plus a couple other families that decided to move in a different direction.


I will keep the form open until next Thursday evening. I will post the call list and I’ll make calls Friday afternoon, May 25th.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Paige Call List

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday completely got away from me and I didn’t call anyone. I failed to write it on my calendar and double booked myself with two parent meetings and a school event.

I’m sorry.

Here is the call list for the Paige pups. It looks like we may go 1-2-3 and be done, but again it’s hard to know for sure.

I’d like to make calls tomorrow mid morning, Sunday, May 23rd, starting around 9am. If that doesn’t work for you, send me a quick email.

Puppies are doing well and as I type this, Kenzie (bred to Kingsley) is in active labor, and she’s FAT! This is a moment of calm but she’s kind of miserable right now.

We have lots of puppies to choose from in our newest litters so keep trying if you miss out on the Paige litter.

Happy weekend!

Kristy 💕😊🐶

Paige Litter Selection

Hey Everyone!

It’s time to start matching the Paige puppies.

There are three puppies in this litter, a golden girl, a blenheim boy, and a golden boy. I expect them to be from 16-22 lbs as adults. They will be ready for their new homes May 21-28. We are able to keep them after that with additional fees.

Golden Girl
Golden Boy
Blenheim Boy squeezed between!

Here is the litter form below. If you are on our waiting list and would like to be considered for this litter, click on the link and fill out the form. Remember that this is the time to be very specific about which puppies you’d like to talk about. If you’re not sure, or want to keep all of your options open, choose all of the puppies.

When I begin making calls, I will only discuss the puppies you’ve selected in this form. This keeps the process as streamlined as possible.


I will close this litter form Thursday night and will make calls Friday afternoon starting at 1pm. I will post the call list Thursday night.

We will talk personality details on the phone during the selection process. I’m looking forward to Friday!

Kristy 😊💕🐶

Record Time

That has to be the fastest a litter has ever been matched. I started my calling at 12:45pm and ended at 1:13pm.


Christina K-Black/Tan Male

Chris D-Solid Sable Female

I’m excited to get the puppies home to you soon (and after a few weeks for the accelerated program!!).

I will be removing these two names from the waiting list now so everyone else check your number in case it changes. I will also be posting the litter links for the Paige and Fergie puppies this weekend.

Gorgeous puppies and spring day!!