Fires and Other News

A big thank you to all of you who sent notes of concern regarding the fires in our area. I’m happy to report that we were never in danger, though we could see billows of smoke not far away. The season is not over yet, so we appreciate continued prayers for safety for our dogs and property. 

We had a new litter born this week from Maggie. There are 3 babies, a black/white male and female, and a blenheim female. These puppies will be ready to go home around August 15th. We are not offering accelerated puppies with this litter. If you’d like us to keep the puppy a little bit extra, we will keep it for up to 2 weeks extra (so 10 weeks old) for an additional charge of $250 for those 2 extra weeks. With my new work schedule, I simply can’t commit to 5 extra weeks of training at this time. I’d love to hear from those on the waiting list, simple whether you have any interested in these colors/genders, and if the timeline works with your schedule. You don’t have to make any final choices, but I’d like to know who is interested. 

And finally, we have an Accelerated puppy that needs a home again. We had her matched, but work schedules changed for her family and the timing no longer lines up for them to take her. 

She is available first to those on the waiting list, so please let me know if you’re interested in her. She’s already 10 weeks old and is ready to go anytime. She is the blenheim female from the Jazzy litter. These photos were taken about a week ago. 

She is very friendly and will do well in any family!

Thanks for your continued support of Silver Paw Cavachons. We love seeing your pictures and hearing how your puppies have become beloved family pets. Keep sending your stories!!

All Puppies are Matched

We are excited to let you know that all of our current puppies have been matched to their forever homes.  We don’t have any confirmed pregnancies at this time, so we are looking to sometime in the fall for the next litter of puppies.  Stay tuned in here for announcements about upcoming litters.  Thank you to everyone that is giving our puppies forever homes!  We are so glad you are part of the Silver Paw family.

Last Pup

Who will get the last puppy?  

All of our puppies have been matched to their forever homes except the solid sable male from the Paige litter. There is just one quick video at this time of that litter (on our FB page), but you can see what his markings are like!  He will be ready to go home August 28th. Let us know if you’re interested. 

Looking forward…we don’t have any confirmed pregnant dogs, so it looks like we will have a slight break in early fall. I would expect we will have more puppies by Thanksgiving and I’ll be sure to announce any upcoming litters here on the blog. 

Happy Summer!

(Puppies going home tomorrow)


Here is an update from Murphy’s family. He was from the Paisley & Kingsley litter. 

Hi Kristy

Haven’t gotten a great shot of my three boys together yet, they are all too wiggly and excited when they are together. Everyone is getting along great! Murphy is convinced he’s one of the big dogs. He is such a wonderful puppy! We couldn’t be happier. He fits into our family perfectly! I just finished his very first haircut and wanted to share this before and after (and during since he fell asleep mid haircut and it was adorable) pictures with you!

Hope all is well! Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family!


Blenheim vs Sable/White

Some people seem to be confused about these two colors of Cavachons. 

I need a favor to ask. There is a whole page on this blog dedicated to Cavachon colors. The color name is listed ABOVE the photos of the dogs, which puts sable/white  UNDER the blenheim photos. I’m wondering if this is why some new people are confused?

Could you all go look and let me know if that color page is confusing?  I plan to remove the “red” entry because they are really golden anyway. 

I’m also thinking about including the description under each photo because I really hope people will be able to use that page to become educated about all the wonderful colors available for Cavachons. 

Thanks for your feedback. You can leave a comment here or send an email to 


Curry is a blenheim colored adult Cavachon. He is NOT for sale!

Just wanted to share the update from his family!

Oh how I would love another puppy! But two dogs are perfect for now…

Curry is now 14 months old and he continues to fill us with joy! He loves long walks, trips to the dog park, cuddles, kisses, and our 8 year old dog, Henry. 

Today Curry got his summer hair cut and he is much cooler and very happy!

Thank you again for such a fun loving, mischievous little boy!