Solid Sable Male

We have six puppies and five have been matched to their new families. 

The solid sable male from the Paisley litter is still available.  He is outgoing and friendly. He is going to make a wonderful pet!

If you’re on the waiting list and interested in this puppy, please send me an email.  

There are videos of his litter on Facebook.

Let’s Talk About Available Puppies

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a couple situations come up which is resulting in 2 older puppies becoming available.

One is the blenheim male puppy from Roxy & Rusty’s litter. He was born back in June and was matched to a working family. I wasn’t comfortable with this match and really would like him to go to a family where someone will be home. He is a nice pup and has had some preliminary crate training. He is fully vaccinated and can go home any time.  He is here with us. 

The next pup is a black/white female from the Sadie & Sonny litter.  She is small.  She was born in May and is currently living with her owner. I am helping the family rehome her by talking about her here. If anyone is interested in this pup, let me know via email and I will forward your email to the owner and you can work directly with her. She lives in Bothell WA. 

The two pups above are available to anyone whether on the waiting list or not. 

The following pups are available first to those on the waiting list. We still have the blenheim female from the Maggie litter. There are several videos on our FB page of this litter and they are ready to go home by October 15th. We are hopeful that there is someone on the waiting list that would like a blenheim female. She is going to be around 20 lbs as an adult, so she will be a larger dog. 

This is her. 

I’m not sure if we have a pup from the Paisley litter available as they may be all matched depending on what everyone decides. IF there is a pup available from that litter, it will be the solid sable male, but it’s very likely he will be chosen. 

As for future pups, we have a pregnant mom in the nursery and we had a pair of dogs mate this week. We also suspect that there is another pregnant mom that just isn’t showing quite yet. 

I plan to do new videos tomorrow of our current puppies. Please send an email if you’re interested in any of these pups. 

Let’s Talk About Maggie’s Pups

I finally took some pictures and videos. You can find the videos on our Facebook page. 

Here is the current waiting list. 

If you are in the top 10, I’d love to hear from you regarding the Maggie litter. 

The pups are just over 4 weeks old and they will be ready to go home in about 4 weeks. They are getting really cute!

The blenheim is a female. The black/white with the smudge on the cheek is also a female. The other black/white (the larger one) is the boy. 

If you’re on the waiting list and in the top ten and have any interest in these pips, please send an email. Also, if you know you want to pass on this litter, let me know that as well. 

I’ll be posting photos of the other litter later this week. They are only 2 weeks old though. 

Enjoy the pups!

Pictures This Week

I’m sorry for the long delay in getting photos of the puppies. Last weekend was our annual school camping trip and this weekend I moved my daughter into college. I will try very hard to get something posted this week. Thanks for your patience. 

New Puppies

We had puppies born yesterday. We now have 6 new puppies with this new litter and Maggie’s litter. I also think we have another pregnant belly. I’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks. 

From our summer litters we have just 2 puppies still on the property. One will go home Friday and one at the end of September. It was a crazy ride this summer but we made it through. 

Fall is in the air now and we are looking forward to our new fall litters that will surely come!  

Pictures coming soon.