Puppies Heading Home!!

Summer is in full swing and the last pups from the spring litters are heading home now. 

I love meeting the families and seeing the moment when they first see their puppies!  It’s fun to see how the puppies react as well. 

Here are the most recent puppies that have gone home!

This munchkin “Snickers” flew with his family to the Bay Area today.  He was giving me the side eye while we were driving in my hot car to the airport today. He was a surprise for the 12 year old daughter, and the video they shared brought me to tears. I hope I can figure out how to post it here because it’s priceless!!

This pup also went home today. His family came down from Canada and I think he’s going to be a perfect fit for all those teen boys. He is a bundle of personality and I think he will keep everyone on their toes!

These two puppies went to Montana and I was able to hand deliver them!!  

I trust things are going well for everyone!  We have 4 more puppies here that will he going home in the coming weeks. 

We also have 2 new litter and more pregnant mamas, so now is an excellent time to get on the waiting list!!

Send us an email at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com for info about our puppies!!


Raven is fat and has milk. She is in the house and we’re just waiting for her little bundles to arrive. She was bred to Colby, another Black/Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I’m expecting a lot of black babies! I hope to keep a male or two:)

She is a sweet dog and in the past has been a good mommy. Sure wish she’d have them soon so I can go sleep in my own bed. I’ve been downstairs near her, just in case, for the past 2 nights.

No digging yet…




I wrote this post a couple days ago. Today she is digging. I think we will have puppies by tomorrow morning.

Little Angels Go Home

Two of Raven’s girls went home this week, one to western WA and one is staying here in eastern WA! What precious little angels. I know their families are going to love them so much!


Little Angels


Blenheim Girl, going to a family of boys, so this pup will bring some serious girl power into this household. Pink is soon going to rule!


Golden Girl “Grace”. What a vital role this puppy will have, bringing comfort after a beloved pet tragically lost his life.

Today Was The Best Day

I just loved today!

Having people come to our home in person to pick up their puppy is always a special treat. It used to happen a lot when we lived in California. But now that we live in the sticks, the wilderness, the boonies, having someone actually brave the distance and brave the roads is just plain special.

But today was extra-ordinary! Today TWO lovely ladies made their way up our dirt road, through our front door, and they found Love! Does it get any better than this?



I just love meeting my new puppy owners in person! It makes me smile!

Today was the best day!!