ABC’s Gettin’ Started

Well Friends, come on in!

Welcome to Silver Paw Cavachons Website Blog!!

Let’s get acquainted and we’ll take just a minute and show you around!

We love to tell the everyday stories about how our puppies grow and develop! They are raised with affection and are Home Grown on our remote nine acres in northeastern Washington state.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, drop on in for a visit. We are south of Spokane, just off the highway for easy access.  The puppies are always ready for a new playmate, and can’t wait to meet you!

Let me show you the ropes on how to find your way through the site.  Get comfortable in your favorite chair and soon you will have a Wholesome Country Puppy of your own.

I’m sure you landed on our Home page first, and took a moment to scroll through the pictures and read our most recent stories. This is where the bulk of information will land first, and the place you’ll want to check daily for updates, new litters, and announcements about videos of the puppies as they grow from tiny nursing babies, into irresistible balls of fluff and fun!

The next tab…well, you’re on it…the ABC’s of trailblazin’  through this website blog. Keep readin’, you’re on the right path!

What to learn even more About Us?  Then check out the next tab. Our personal blog is at, and you are welcome to browse around there, as well as here!  The more you know about us, the more you know about our puppies and how we raise them.  We’re a pretty down to earth family of 5, building character through the trials and triumphs of life, enjoying all the puppy breath along the way.

We are so excited about our Accelerated Puppy Program! If you or someone you know is interested in a puppy that already knows many of the basics, then an Accelerated Puppy is for you!  Under the Accelerated Puppy tab, there is information about Pricing as well.

Once you’ve spent some time on our site, we want to hear from you! Be sure to Contact Us with your comments and questions.

It seems like everyone has the same questions, so we have developed the FAQ’s page for your benefit! Be sure you check it regularly, because more questions will be added as time goes by!

The Purchase a Puppy page will walk you through the steps on how to get on the Waiting List, and what to expect while you wait for your puppy!

Are you wondering what it’s like if your puppy rides in an airplane? Our Shipping/Delivery page will tell you everything you need to know about traveling with your puppy or picking it up at the airport.

We love hearing how much joy our puppies bring to families all over the USA!! Our Testimonials page will share some of that joy with you as well!  And don’t miss the Slide Show of puppies and adults, under the Testimonials tab!

Ahhh, The Litter Box our passion and expertise! We have tried many litter box systems and simple pine pellets and a low box seems to work the best.  Learn how your puppy has been trained with this system, and how you can implement it in your own home, either indoors or outdoors!

It’s so much fun to prepare for your puppy! Our What to Buy page will give you a list of our favorite supplies that we use in the training and development of your Wholesome Country Puppy!

One more thing…the right sidebar on the site contains some more useful tools! 

You can subscribe via email and always be notified when something new happens by visiting the Subscribin’ tool.  Hurry, because you don’t want to miss a thing!

Waitin’  For Their Babies highlights those that have made the committment to own a Silver Paw Cavachon Puppy.  Check out the Purchase a Puppy page to find out how to get on that list!

What’s Been Happenin’ shows a list of our most recent blog posts.

Do you “Like” us on Facebook yet?  Be sure to stop by our Silver Paw Kennels page on Facebook and join the family!  This is the only place where you will see videos of the puppies and get up close and personal with them.  We rare post photos, so watching videos on our Facebook page is where you want to be.

Lookin’ Closer is one of our FAVORITE tools on this site.  Do you want to see what the puppies look like as adults?  Choose the “As They Grow” category (coming soon) and see all the posts in that category.  How about Solid Sable Cavachons?  Click on the Solid Sable category and feast your eyes on that unique color of Cavachon.

And take a step back in time with our Makin’ Some History Archive.

Did you enjoy our time together?  Now have some fun lookin’ around and we hope to see you at the Contact Us page soon!!