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Are you ready for a Silver Paw Cavachon?  This is where your journey begins!

Our waiting list is often quite full, and the wait for a Silver Paw Cavachon puppy can be as short as 2 months, or as long as 6 months.  We recommend getting on the waiting list as soon as you decide that you want one of our puppies to become a family member.  We require a $300 deposit to get your name on the waiting list.  This will put your name in line for choosing a puppy.  There is no risk on your part, as we do not cash a deposit check until you have selected a puppy.  Once a puppy has been selected, the deposit will be put in the bank, and it will no longer be refundable.  If you have not chosen a puppy from us, and change your mind after sending a deposit, we will simply shred your check, and remove your name from our waiting list.  If the litter does not produce the gender/size/color you were hoping for, you can either wait for a new litter, or we can shred your deposit.  We definitely want to work with you during the puppy selection process and understand that life can throw some curve balls.

Due to the consistent number of people that are now on our waiting list, we will limit your time to not more than one year.  If a year passes and you have not selected a puppy, you need to carefully consider whether adding a puppy to your family is something you really want to do.  If you do want to stay on our list, we will require a new deposit check to keep your current place on the list.  If two years goes by (yes, this has happened), you will be removed from the waiting list or start back down at the bottom of the list with another new check.  Generally people are able to get a puppy within 6 months or less from the time that they get on the list.

We regularly update our waiting list in the green sidebar of the blog.  While it may be long, you never know when a puppy will be available to even those at the end of the list.  The key is getting your name on that list so you are in line for choosing a puppy!

Please fill out this information so we can get to know you better!  We will contact you by phone to follow up and go over some details about the puppy you are hoping to get!

Waiting List Request Form

30 responses to “Waiting List

  1. Hi:
    My name is Patricia Puleo and I live in NYS. I am very interested in a pup from either Lilly & Colby’s litter or Daisy & Colby. Please send me an application for placement on the waiting list. Wondering just how much a small-ish female Blenheim or Golden is in total? I am very flexible regarding color, tho. My 3rd dog past away in July. She was 13. Her name was Daisy. Perhaps your Daisy’s litter would be my first pick, then. How many pups were in Lilly’s litter 11/5?

  2. Hi , I’m Maria Heer I really interested on one of your puppies . I really love the cavachon puppies they are beautiful! I really would like to be on the waiting list for one of the dogs and would like to know the price and I really like the brown mix with goldish color dogs .
    Please let me know when you will have one available. Feel free to contact me @ 832-515-7336.
    Thank you ,
    Maria Heer

  3. Hello,
    I am emailing you to inquire when you anticipate to have another litter of cavachon puppies? I am interested in a female tri-color or brown and tan. I am not in a big hurry but would like to have a pup perhaps in late July. (or before) I live in CO but will be back in Michigan in Mid to late July for a family reunion. It would be a great time for me to get a puppy and bring it home with me. Please let me know it you have any puppies available. What is the price for your puppies and appr. size? I am looking for a dog 14-20#s.Any information you can send me will be greatly appreciated.


  4. HI, I am interested in getting on your waiting list for one of your puppies. I don’t see the pricing though. I would consider driving down to pick the puppy up but if the ride is too long for a puppy, I would consider shipping to our home in Rochester,ny. I tried to e-mail you but for some reason, it wouldn’t go through. Your wait list appears very long at this time. I don’t mind waiting but wouldn’t want to wait over 5 – 6 months. Do you think I have a chance or because of the size of the wait list would that not be possible. Thank you for your consideration.

  5. Hello Silverpaw Cavachons,

    We are on your waiting list, and would like yo express interest in the recently born litter of Kenzie for the female blenheim. I hope I am doing this correctly 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Kimberly Asman

  6. Hi Kristy,
    Hope all is well since your last email to me. I am still confused about the deposit for the wait list. In a Sept. post you said, “require a $300 deposit to get your name on the waiting list.” I have sent $50. Do I owe you more, being another $250? Thank you.
    Barbara Jerue

  7. Mitchel & Jean Karp currently # 111
    Have no requirements in other words please open all of our options.
    Ultimately we need a dog less then 18 Lbs when possible.

      • Thank you for all the work you did to get the listing worded correctly for everyone. Unfortunately this leaves Jean still out of town and unable to bond on drive home with puppy so we will hold off on this selection of July4th placement. We will fill out the next two listings when they are sent and of  course any in the future where the puppies will be 18lbs or under. They all unquestionably look terrific and the choice is more then tough Thank you once again. Mitchel & Jean Karp #111

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  8. I live in Washington state on a 5 acre farm. Plenty of room for a beautiful female cavachon to run around. I bought my last cavachon from Spokane and she was the most precious dog to me. She had an enlarged heart because of all the love she gave everyone so we had to put her down. I miss her greatly. I would love to get another female if you have any available.

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