Meet Missy’s Munchkins!!

We are back!! And Missy delivered (pun intended)!!

What a beautiful litter to bring us back into the world of raising Cavachons. Here’s Missy!

She had eight puppies and all are doing very well! They were born on Mother’s Day, one week ago, May 14, 2023. They will be ready for their new homes starting July 9, 2023.

I don’t know yet who is who for the five sable/white pups, but I can tell you we have: 1 gold F, 2 sable/white F, 1 solid sable F, 1 gold M (not available), 3 sable/white M.

These are F1 (first generation puppies) with a black/tan Cavalier mom and a Bichon dad, Jack. I expect the puppies to range from 15-23 lbs, but it is a bit early yet to guess on their adult weight.

Missy is raising them in the house with us and she is doing a fantastic job.

We are taking names for this litter. This means if you are on our waiting list, and you’re ready for a puppy in July, you need to reach out and ask to be added to the Missy litter list.

If you’re not on the waiting list, you can still have your name added to this litter list, but waiting list families will be prioritized before non-waiting list families. Send us an email if you’d like to be added to the official waiting list and/or Missy’s list.

We are excited to start working with all of you to find a puppy match for your family. Let me know if you have any questions!!

Kristy 💕🐶😊

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We post videos, tiny updates, and stories as the puppies grow.

Upcoming litters:

Scarlett (due in June, F1b litter)

Emily (due in July, F1 puppies, all will be blenheim)

Dogs Have Mated!!

This is a short post, but I wanted to let everyone know that we have finally seen our first tie. Scarlett and Jester will probably have puppies 🐶 in about 62 days (end of June). This will be an F1b litter since Scarlett is a Cavachon and Jester is a Bichon.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to be added to this litter list. It will be good to have puppies around again!! KP

Breaktime is Over

Hi Everyone,

I’m popping in to let you know we are back and have put a few of our dogs back together. I’ll keep you posted here as we confirm pregnancies and reveal due dates of expected litters.

It was nice to have a break, but I know there are people hoping for summer puppies and we are trying to make that happen.

We are excited spring is around the corner!!


The Waiting List and a Cavalier

Hi Everyone,

Over the past year I reached out to my waiting list a couple times to see who was still interested in getting a puppy. We had over 100 families on the list and after my efforts to talk with everyone we learned that some were no longer interested, some had already gotten a puppy, and a few more we were not able to reach.

I tried again to reach out and speak to those families I hadn’t been in contact with, but again did not receive any response via text, phone, or email.

Today I cleaned up the waiting list one last time. These are the people I’ve spoken with during 2022 and they have confirmed that they still want a puppy. We are getting ready to breed our first Cavachon litter of 2023 and expect to have puppies in the spring.

If you see your name on the list, please let me know if you are looking forward to a spring puppy this year.

If you don’t see your name on this list and you think it should be there, please let me know so I can add it back on.

Now in other news, we have one last puppy looking for a new home. He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel male puppy that is 5 months old. He’s had all his shots and worming and he’s ready for a new home. He’s crate trained and we are working with him on the leash right now. If you’re interested, feel free to call or email. He’s ready to go anytime. KP

Last Minute??

Daryl leaves EARLY tomorrow. Anyone on the fence about the blenheim male Cavachon?? Delivery to Seattle, Oregon, and California. Six puppies making the trip. Wishing it was seven!! If you want to squeeze into this opportunity, call me, no matter the time. He’s vet checked, vaccinated, and wormed…ready for his forever home!!


Kristy 😊🐶🐾💕

Pretty sure he’s the big guy on the far left
Now he’s on the right!
Hello World! I need a name and a home!

Last Call, Last Puppies

Hi Everyone,

My trip to CA has been a success and my husband is joining me soon. We now have just two puppies still available for adoption until late spring/early summer. This is it!!

The kiss spot girl has been claimed so this beautiful, spunky, happy, and larger boy is our very last Cavachon that is ready for adoption.

I know you’ve seen this photo several times, but since I’m not at home to snap a new one, this is all I have.

I’ve responded to several emails about him, but nobody has responded so he is still available. This is a fabulous litter and he is a wonderful part, full of life and bouncy puppiness!!

We are planning to finalize my husband’s trip to CA today and we’d sure like to know where this pup is going as well.

Give me a call if you’re interested. 509-936-2715

Also, I don’t want to forget the last Cavalier male. He’s a beautiful boy, fully vaccinated including rabies, a sweet spirit, and he is ready for his forever home. He’s the black/tan in this photo on the left.

It’s hard to believe we won’t have any puppies on the property soon, but do know we are making plans for spring and summer.

Happy holidays to all of our SilverPaw Families!!

Snuggle Puppy


If you’re getting your puppy next week YOU HAVE TO BUY A SNUGGLE PUPPY!! This is the best thing EVER!!

Look at little Autumn. She is in a completely new place and she is totally content curled up with Biscuit her buddy. His little heartbeat is turned on and it’s like she has a littermate still.

The transition from littermates to alone can be traumatic, but it is so much less stressful if your puppy has a Snuggle Puppy. I wish I had known about them the past 20 years!!

Daryl has four of these to sell or you can order them on Amazon. The smaller ones, Snuggle Puppy Junior are $25 and the larger one is about $39. This one here is a Junior one called Biscuit and there is a golden one and a black one in this smaller size.

Please let me know if you’d like to buy one from Daryl, first come first serve. Also let me know if you’ve already ordered one. I feel very strongly about the necessity of each puppy having one when they go home and I’d like to know that everyone has one ordered or is planning to get one from Daryl.

She has been so happy and so easy. My host family is just loving her to pieces!!

Puppy Availability Update

We have THREE.

Two Cavachons, a girl and a boy. Both blenheim in color.

And a black/tan male Cavalier.

Here they are!

Female Cavachon
Male Cavachon
Black/Tan Male Cavalier

The Cavachons are ready next week. The Cavalier is ready now.

Travel options:

1. You fly or drive to us in the Spokane area to pick up.

2. We deliver en route from Washington state to Southern California next week. Time sensitive as our trip begins next Tuesday or Wednesday.

We’d sure like to find forever homes for these last three pups. We won’t have new pups until late spring/early summer 2023.

Reach out via email if you’d like more info.

Kristy 😊🐶🐾