Maggie’s New Litter

Introducing Maggie & Ricky’s new Cavachon puppies, born June 7, 2012.

There are 6 puppies in the litter.

Black/Tan Girl – Scarlet
Black/Tan Boy – Rhett
Black Boy – Clayton
Black Boy – Hamilton
Solid Sable Boy – Charles
Solid Apricot Boy – Ashley


Maggie is resting with her babies! This is her second litter. She is a great mom!


After retiring Krystle & Vanna, Maggie is my largest female Bichon. She weighs around 17 lbs.


The puppies!! Sooo cute, dew claws already removed. I did it myself! First time and it went really well (Daryl has always done it in the past).

These puppies will be ready for new homes after August 2nd.


Here is the regal father, Ricky. He is OFA certified! He is a hefty 25 lbs!!

Available Cavachons – Maggie & Ricky’s Babies

UPDATE 10-29-11

Maggies babies are 4 weeks old now. They are getting active and playful with each other. “Tank” from Molly’s litter is just part of the family. He is sold to Marilyn E.

Enjoy the updated photos of the two apricot girls and the solid sable boy, and “Tank”.


Maggie’s babies.  Male in the middle.


The females are a light apricot color, which may lighten as they get older.


I could call the girls a “honey” color, or light apricot!  The sable boy has stunning markings as well!


A better look at the girl on the left.


A little different lighting, and Tank joined this photo!


“Tank”, deposit received from Marilyn E.  He loves his adopted family!

UPDATE 10-11-11

Here is a quick look at the new babies. I’ll add more info once I’m home at my regular computer.


Maggie’s 3 babies plus “Tank”, the blenheim male from Molly’s litter because he was so much bigger than his littermates.


There is 1 solid sable male, 2 honey or light apricot females, and “Tank”!


Face shot of the solid sable male.


So sweet when they’re sleeping!



Maggie & Ricky’s babies.  Ricky is a Heart Certified Cavalier King Charles male.


A little row of hot dogs!