Blenheim vs Sable/White

Some people seem to be confused about these two colors of Cavachons. 

I need a favor to ask. There is a whole page on this blog dedicated to Cavachon colors. The color name is listed ABOVE the photos of the dogs, which puts sable/white  UNDER the blenheim photos. I’m wondering if this is why some new people are confused?

Could you all go look and let me know if that color page is confusing?  I plan to remove the “red” entry because they are really golden anyway. 

I’m also thinking about including the description under each photo because I really hope people will be able to use that page to become educated about all the wonderful colors available for Cavachons. 

Thanks for your feedback. You can leave a comment here or send an email to 

One response to “Blenheim vs Sable/White

  1. I can see why it’s confusing, as folks generally are accustomed to seeing captions under photos. Is it possible to overlay the photo with the label so it’s actually ON the picture? Also, as the sable color lightens so significantly with age, it would be helpful to show photos of both puppy and adult sable dogs. My Andy was a dark sable as a puppy; at 6 yrs old, he’s now closer to the color of one of the darker blenheim puppies — and still the world’s cutest dog!

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