The Clock Is Ticking…

…for the chickens!!  I’ve reached my limit for having them inside the house.  They’re starting to smell.  They’re growing fast, and can fly out of the container now.  The space is too small for their growing bodies, and they go through the water several times per day. 
I gave them cabbage and bread today, their first table scraps, and even those tiny little chicks devoured all of it!  I’m ready to begin composting again because I have a little group that is a scrap eating machine now!!

 We spent about an hour today cleaning out the chicken coop.  We loaded all the pine shavings mixed with chicken manure into the trailer and Daryl drove it up to the garden.  Once the snow melts, we’ll add it to our 40 ft long compost pile and start turning it.  It was actually very easy to move because it was all super dry, airy, and lightweight.  We tidied up the horse barn, cleaned off the porch, and Kaelyn hung her horseshoe chime that she got for Christmas. 

Tomorrow’s project is getting electricity down there so I can plug in the heat lamp and the platform for the water jug.  We can’t let the water freeze, and it’s still cold enough that I think it could freeze.  I *hope* it isn’t too cold to put them out there, in spite of the heat lamp.  I may read up on that to be sure they can survive.  But the clock is ticking, and I want them OUT of my house!  They’re in the way, they stink, and that’s that!!

It is difficult to be upset though, when they’re so stinkin (pun intended) cute!!

2 responses to “The Clock Is Ticking…

  1. Life is full of lessons and they will be repeated until they are learned. Just remember this if there is a next time so that you will be prepared!

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