More Snow

It’s discouraging to wake up to snow in April. It’s probably the thing I like least about living in Washington. There are 6 FULL months of winter here. It is not normal. It is easy to get tired of it. It is easy to hate it and wish for something different. I am not a happy camper this morning.

It should be time for gardening, but what’s the use? If I start my seeds, how long can I keep them alive inside the house? They have to go out sometime, but when will that time be? I’m tired of winter. I want it to go away.

Everything is covered in white, AGAIN.

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Ski Host 2010-2011 Season

Friday was my last day being a Ski Host at 49 for the 2010-2011 ski season. I loved every minute that I served, especially when people had questions or wanted tours.

I made some new friends and am already looking forward to next year…of course, AFTER I enjoy a nice, warm, sunny summer!

The last day was incredibly sunny and gorgeous!

One of my main ski partners, Rose!

There was a LOT of snow this year, and I had to get a photo of the trail map sign, nearly buried under the snow.  Normally, you look “up” at it!

The top of Chair 1 and Chair 5.  This is often where we’d find people that wanted a tour!  Great fun!

                        Getting ready for Sweep!                                      

 Ski Hosts and Ski Patrol lining up for Sweep instructions.  At the end of the day, after all the chairs have closed down, we all take a separate run down the mountain, making sure there is nobody left on the mountain. 

 “The Bell”…another object that shows how much snow we’ve gotten this season.  It’s great fun to zoom past the bell, and then ring it with your pole or hand.  Now, we have to “kick” it!


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Kaelyn had her first 4-H riding lesson last Sunday. She looked so authentic I just had to share these photos! She rode “Blade”, a gelding that was a wild Mustang stallion just about a year ago. He has been trained by George, and Kaelyn said he responds immediately to everything she asked him to do.

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Wild Life with the Crock Pot

Ok, am I allowed to ramble a bit? One of my favorite activities is to frequent blogs by other women and get a glimpse into the reality of their lives. I often find myself laughing and identifying with their stories, feeling comforted in knowing that I am not alone in this journey.

I had such an experience this morning while visiting “Wild Life in the Woods”. It was a simple post about Crock Pots, but one part has profoundly stuck with me. This probably wasn’t the main point of her post, and now, I’m even wondering if this is really what she said, but it is what has been churning around in my mind this entire morning!

It was the part where she talked about the wonders of the crock pot, which would allow the home school mother to throw the ingredients into it, and then snuggle down with her children, reading wonderful stories to them, giving them an education that far surpasses that of the public school, all the while maintaining total control of the meal issue. Home schooling is a full time job, after all, and since when does the mom have time to actually cook something?

But I’m so glad that she clarified the truth…that picture of angel children listening to stories, and an even more angelic mother who is completely in control, food cooking, while acting as supreme teacher..…it’s an illusion!


You mean, its perfectly normal for the mother to struggle to get all the home schooling done, AND make meals?

Is that what she said?

Did I read it wrong?

I hope not, because I am still currently in the trenches of home schooling, with a 10 year old and 14 year old at home, and I have yet to have a perfectly organized day where everything gets accomplished…school, household chores, and meals. I feel a sense of relief. I really do hope that is what she said, besides pointing out that a crock pot kills the food anyway.

My kids are getting educated. We are eating…most of the time.

And…I like my crock pot…for Christmastime when I heat apple cider, oranges and cloves to make the house smell good!

14 year old

10year old

Socks and MORE Socks

I have been avoiding the socks. I used to scoff at people who lost socks in the dryer. I heard someone say once that dryers eat socks and then spit them out as wire hangers. It wasn’t true for me until the 3rd child was born.

I have had a pile of socks waiting to be matched for months. I keep avoiding them. I keep moving the pile from the couch to the mini tramp to the red bench, then back to the couch again depending on when and where I need space each day.

Well, today I tackled the socks. First I had to sort them into colors. Then I had the kids put their socks away. Finally I attempted to sort the dark socks and this is what I found.

Are you kidding me?
Is it truly possible that every single pair of dark socks has lost its mate? Is there not one sock that matches?
Not even one?
I’m still sorting socks, This simple job is far from being completed.

I don’t like socks. Maybe everyone should wear the same kind of socks and the same color of socks.

I don’t know what the solution is for socks but I do know that today I will conquer the sock pile and every single sock will have a home in a drawer!!

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