Socks and MORE Socks

I have been avoiding the socks. I used to scoff at people who lost socks in the dryer. I heard someone say once that dryers eat socks and then spit them out as wire hangers. It wasn’t true for me until the 3rd child was born.

I have had a pile of socks waiting to be matched for months. I keep avoiding them. I keep moving the pile from the couch to the mini tramp to the red bench, then back to the couch again depending on when and where I need space each day.

Well, today I tackled the socks. First I had to sort them into colors. Then I had the kids put their socks away. Finally I attempted to sort the dark socks and this is what I found.

Are you kidding me?
Is it truly possible that every single pair of dark socks has lost its mate? Is there not one sock that matches?
Not even one?
I’m still sorting socks, This simple job is far from being completed.

I don’t like socks. Maybe everyone should wear the same kind of socks and the same color of socks.

I don’t know what the solution is for socks but I do know that today I will conquer the sock pile and every single sock will have a home in a drawer!!

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