Tofu Pizza for Supper


Tofu.  I think for most people it’s a love or hate relationship.  For the rest, I don’t think they even know it exists!  I learned about Tofu many years ago during college days, and during a time of my life when I was trying to be a strict Vegan.  I never could quite drop all the dairy…a girl has to have a bowl of ice cream now and then…but for quite a while, instead of a scrambled egg on my breakfast plate, there would be scrambled Tofu. 
Tofu comes in a brick, either packaged in water, or packaged air tight, and normally, I crumble it to look like this at first.


It is known to be very bland, and it’s all about the seasoning when it comes to Tofu.  There are many ways to season it, but I use just one way, about 99% of the time.

For this recipe, which came completely out of my head, I decided to put in some red onion, several cloves of garlic chopped, some cilantro, and some yellow peppers.  I soon realized that the orange or red bell pepper would have been a better choice, since I use McKays Chicken Style seasoning and Turmeric to turn the Tofu yellow anyways.  But I stirred it all together, and it soon looked like this.

Mmmm!  The smell of the garlic filled the house!

I used my handy little Vizalia Chopper, from Target (they also have them at Bed Bath & Beyond), one of my absolute favorite little gadgets in my kitchen.  I’ll do a whole post about it when I make pizza, since I have to chop lots of things for our pizza toppings, but for now, I’ll just say that this little chopper is fast, easy, and EFFORTLESS!!  It takes slices of bell peppers, and turns them into this in seconds.

The pieces are all the same size and ready for any number of uses!

Once my tofu was ready, I used one of my tiny little scoopers, and put a scoop on each little piece of rye bread.  I purchased these loaves at Costco during the holidays, and never ended up using them.  They’ve been in my freezer since Christmas, and it was time to figure out a way to use this cute little bread.  Kaelyn used a fork to make the tofu more flat, because we were not done loading up our little pizzas!

We added tomato slices and/or olives on one cookie sheet…

…and tomato, olives and/or cheese on the next.  Darien won’t each cheese, so we always have to make some without for him.  The rest of us like it either way. 
Once they were built, we broiled them for a few minutes under the broiler, until the edges of the bread were crispy and toasty brown.

I remembered too late that I should have lined my pan with foil.  Oh well, next time.  I’m hoping those things will begin to come naturally to me as I spend more time in my kitchen.

We rounded out the meal with our wonderful muffins and some cherries.  It was a great supper, and there was nothing leftover when we were finished.

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