Boarding School

Darien is HOME now, but this was his home away from home since January.  It was a little more cozy looking when all his stuff was in it.  Here he is, after we’ve cleaned his room, right before he checked out of the dorm for the summer.

UCA was a great experience for him and he’s happy to go back next year.  He won’t be in this same room, but one very similar.  His only request….a comfy, big chair to study in.  I think we can accommodate that!!

Goofing off in the lobby!!

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Oops, Forgot to Water the Sprouts

Sabbath, the day I usually don’t have to do much in the kitchen.  This morning I skipped breakfast (only Daryl ate a quick bowl of cereal).  We had potluck at church, and then a picnic supper with the Pathfinder group.  I didn’t spend any time in my kitchen, which is a welcome relief, but it also means that I didn’t see my sprouters, and therefore, forgot to water my sprouts. 


One batch smelled rotton, and the newer batch smelled ok.  I went ahead and watered it tonight, so hopefully, missing one watering won’t hurt it too badly.  I am noticing that the sprouts are not doing as well as it’s getting warmer in the house overall.  I may have to set aside my sprouting during the summer and pick it back up as September rolls around.