Justyne’s pups are all matched to families. 

Abbey’s pups are almost all matched to families. 

Jesse has an available sable/white male. 

Roxy’s pups are all unmatched, but we are working with the waiting list still on all of our litters.

If there are any pups still available after we’ve exhausted our waiting list, we will definitely post it here!

I will also add that we have 2 Bichon Frise males available to anyone who is interested. 

We have 2 Cavalier teenager puppies that are available to anyone who is interested. 

I know everyone is waiting for pictures of the Jesse and Roxy pups. I promise it will happen, but not till next week. Right now all of my doggie time is spent doing the basic daily cleaning, food, water, worming, shots, and paperwork to keep everything straight and all the details written down.

Tonight I’m working on shot records and recording all the shots and worming that has happened in the last few weeks. 


I’m also coordinating puppy flights and communicating last details to the families that are getting Abbey and Justyne  puppies. 

It’s a lot to do!!

Very soon I will be able to move my attention to the Jesse & Roxy litters, and I will be in touch with those deeper on the waiting list to talk about puppy details with these two litters. 

Jazzy is due December 12th, so we should have a brand new Cavachon litter soon. She’s not huge, so I’m guessing 3, maybe 4 puppies. 

Thanks again for all of your support and for giving our puppies such amazing and loving homes!

12 responses to “Paperwork

  1. Hello, We have been enjoying all of the updates about the puppies for several months now and have checked out your personal blog too. We have been talking and dreaming about adding a new small puppy to our family for over a year but after reading your update we are curious about the teenager, Cavaliers and the adult Bichon Frise males. Can you tell us if they are still available, colors, names, temperments, and prices? Thank you so much for your time.

    Have a great day!

    Mary Bartlett

  2. Good evening, I just saw this post.  Could you tell me a little more about the Bichon Boys?  Lost our 17 y/o Bichon Boy last October and would love to have another fuzz ball of joy.  Thanks very much.  Raye

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