Piper and Sadie Update

Another great update from a Roxy and Rocky pup!

“These are my two Silver Paw Cavachons. Piper (on the left) will be 4 in April; she is also from a Rocky & Roxie litter. Sadie (on the right) will be 6 in August; I don’t remember her parents name. Piper is a Blenheim and Sadie is a Solid Sable. Piper weighs ~ 10 pounds and Sadie weighs ~ 17 pounds. 💕Love them both so much; I can’t imagine life without them!”

3 responses to “Piper and Sadie Update

  1. So cute, and what a coincidence! We have a pup from that same litter almost 4 years ago (April 17th)… and named her Piper too!

  2. Maybe it is the angle but I don’t see enough variation. In color to say that their colors are different.

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