Good Luck!

I’ve just processed all the emails. This is what I have so far.

Have fun with this mess! It’s an organized mess, but not too complex. If you look closely, MANY families are on every list. Obviously they will be choosing only one or two pups (those with names twice have sent double waiting list fees to hold two spaces).

Things will sift and shift as people are matched to puppies. Names will be removed once they’ve been matched. When it comes down to puppy matching day/s, I will slim the lists down even more, but always keeping within waiting list order.

I appreciate how everyone followed through and sent their emails with their waiting list number. You made my job easier in doing that and I am grateful.

Puppy birthdays are as follows:

Pearlie (F1)-August 25, ready Oct 20-26, puppy matching day October 2.

Scarlett (F1b)-September 2, ready Oct 28-Nov 3, puppy matching day October 9.

Olivia (F1)-September 4, ready Oct 30-Nov 5, puppy matching day October 11

Paige (F1)-September 10, ready Nov 5-11, puppy matching day October 16.

This should help with planning and for those potentially getting pups from different litters. Also, please be available from 1-6pm on puppy matching days to receive my phone call. If you miss my call, I am moving to the next person, then trying you again.

I will have updated lists before each day so you will know if you will actually be getting a phone call. And we will talk more between now and then. I will do my best to update videos each weekend.

We also have a very fat Fergie, pregnant with F1 cavachons. She had 8 puppies in her last litter and she’s BIG! All of her puppies will come out blenheim in color. We are expecting her to deliver any day.

Email with your questions.

For those not yet on our waiting list, as you can see, the chance that we will have a puppy that doesn’t get chosen is slim. We will open the list again in January.

Happy fall y’all!!

Kristy 😍🐶💕


F1 means the parents are Bichon Frise x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

F1b means parents are Cavachon x Bichon Frise.

PSS: if I missed your name, please let me know.

Watch For New Videos on Facebook

I plan to upload current videos of the puppies today. We have four litters, Pearlie F1 (5 pups), Scarlett F1b (10), Olivia F1 (3), and Paige F1 (2). I will be taking names from those currently on our waiting list for these litters.

Please be sure you send an email, with the name of the mother dog, your name, and your waiting list number. I don’t want to hunt down your number.

I will be sharing the litter lists so you can see where you stand. We will be matching the Pearlie pups soon.

Thanks for being part of the Silver Paw family! We will talk soon!

Top 10 for 5 Pups

Hi Everyone,

There was a flurry of emails after my last blog post so I wanted to let everyone see where we are with the newest litter.

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone that sent an email. I did NOT have to manage multiple forms of communication this time and it certainly was very appreciated.

Here is everyone who responded. I’ve put a large space after the 10th person. Basically I expect the puppies to be matched to five of the names in the top ten interested families.

You may notice people have their name twice? They are families that sent two deposits because they want two puppies.

Pearlie & Finn

Dob 8-25-2020

Ready Oct 20-26

Interested people:

1. #1 Lili

2. #42 Sydney M

3. #46 Joey N

4. #47 Joey N

5. #49 DaveKatie G

6. #54 Michelle D

7. #59 Renee G

8. #60 Cheryl C

9. #61 Susan H

10. #64 Chris B


#65 Chris B

#66 John M

#67 Susan D

#68 GInny S

#72 Claudia B

#75 David J

#76 Terri R

#80 Robin L

#81 Sam H

#85 Howard B

#88 Jeong I

#95 JenniferScott E

If you’re in the top 10 here, please feel free to ask questions about the babies. I can tell you that the puppies are thriving. They are gorgeous and it’s a dream litter as far as mom doing her job perfectly and them just totally cozy, happy, eating, and sleeping!!

If you are already on our waiting list, and you want to be on the list for this litter, I will only be adding names that would go in the top ten, which would bump someone down or others below #10. So in other words, if you’re #69 or higher, there is no reason to add your name because the chances of 5 or more people passing on this litter are very slim. I will continue to take names until the litter is 5 weeks old.

Puppy matching day will be sometime during the week of September 27-October 3, so scribble that into your calendar. I’ll give more details as we get closer.

For those just discovering Silver Paw Cavachons, our waiting list is currently closed. We will open it again for a limited number of spaces in January 2021. If you do get on the list at that time, a reasonable wait is still going to be 12-18 months.

Here is the most recent photo of the babies.

New Puppies

Pearlie & Finn

D.O.B. 8-25-2020

Look what we have! Five new babies, two girls and three boys-sable & white of each, and then blenheims!

All are doing well and mom is being a very calm and good mom.

They will be ready October 20-26.

Taking names from people on my waiting list via email ONLY.

Right now you are only evaluating color/gender/timeline.

If all of those line up favorably, put your name down for the litter. We will talk more details as they get older.

We have one more mom ready to pop. Continue to watch for updates!


Wrapping Up the Summer

Hi Everyone!

My whirlwind summer is coming to a close. School starts Monday and I am the sole teacher in a one room, grades 1-8 school (with an almost full time aide). My daughter is married, Bible class is done (second highest grade in the class), wedding shower is done, all the puppies have gone home, five loads of decluttering garbage have gone to the dump, and we are eating food out of the garden. Whew! It has been busy!!

I know all of you are still anxiously waiting for puppy news, and I have some for you!

Both Pearlie and Paige are very pregnant and we expect new puppies any day. As soon as they are born, I will let you all know. We are also keeping our eye on Fergie, Scarlett, and a new mama named Lacey. We might be expecting pups from all of them as well this early fall.

Thanks for your patience and all the prayers! I made it through my incredibly busy summer because of it! Here’s a quick snap from the wedding.

I cannot even believe that I didn’t get a candid shot with my daughter. The photographer did so I will share one soon. Here is the rest of our family and a tiny glimpse of the tiny wedding location.

And one more of my three kids…for many years, they were the puppy crew, in charge of helping feed, water, clean, and most importantly, holding and loving on the babies.

I trust you’ve all had a great summer (under the circumstances of our very changed lives). Blessings to all of you!



Hi Everyone!

This post is for all the new people that are not on the waiting list yet. I have dozens of emails in my inbox. I am going to answer them all here.

Our waiting list is closed. I will reopen it in January. Your best strategy is to follow this blog, watch how things progress through the fall, and be ready with fast fingers in January.

I plan to open the list for a short period of time, like a tiny window, in January, but then it will be closed again.

I’ll be honest here. We are living in times unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Will we be able to travel in a year, six months, next week?? It feels like perilous times, even though life is carrying on mostly like normal.

But I cannot, with a good conscience, take people’s money for puppies 12-18 months from now. We really don’t know what life will be like. So I need to tighten the strap a bit and only have enough people for what is coming around the corner. Right now, the list is long, right at about 100 people. I’m going to let it shrink by at least 25% before I add names again. I just feel that is the best thing to do right now.

Normally I would respond to every email with a cover letter with the most up to date info. But I am on the home stretch now for the puppies going home, my college class, the wedding, and school starting back up. It’s all coming down in 3 weeks and I’m REALLY feeling the pressure. So I am choosing to not take the time to respond to every email. I get several a day, every single day of the week. It’s a lot. It’s a good thing, just not during these next couple months.

School starting is anything but normal, and there are so many unknowns with that. It’s taking a lot of mental energy to cope with all the new rules and expectations, and I cannot spread myself too thin.

So for now, I am taking care of all dogs, getting the last 3 pups out the door, finishing my 4 credit college course, being available for all wedding needs, getting ready for school, and taking care of my own basic needs. Sadly, I am not responding to new emails wanting to get on the waiting list or asking if/when we have puppies.

Thanks for understanding!

Kristy 🐶😍💕

Kenzie Litter Results

Hi Everyone,

I tried loading Kenzie’s litter matching video three times but it still hasn’t loaded so I’ll share a photo instead.

I basically had them matched on Sunday simply because I had been in touch with both of the top two families and everything fell right into place.

Shauna took the female and Ray wanted the male. It was very quick and straightforward.

As we look ahead at possible upcoming puppies, I think Paisley and Justyne are pregnant, and Paige might be as well. I’ll keep everyone posted on their progress.


Names and Numbers

This is a quick post to clarify. I’m dealing with 100 names. It’s a lot. If you message me, please include THE NAME USED ON THE WAITING LIST and your number to let me know who you are.

I’m getting emails now from people asking to be added to the Kenzie list, saying they’re on the main waiting list, but I’m not seeing their names.

Be very specific with who you are and which name is used.

I’ve struggled with people having different names on their emails and social media profiles. Whatever name is used on the waiting list, and the number next to your name, that is how I will identify you. I hate that it’s so impersonal, but I don’t know how else to do it.

Thanks again for your patience!!


Last Call for Kenzie Litter

Hi Everyone,

We will be doing puppy selection for Kenzie’s litter on Monday, July 20, beginning at noon.

This is the last call for getting on her litter list. If you are higher than #56 you would not be in the top 5 at this point so there would be no reason to add your name now.

If you are in this top 5, please make sure you’re available on Monday and also it won’t hurt if you quickly send me your preferred phone number that you’d like me to use. If I call and am unable to reach you, I will move to the next name.

If you have a schedule conflict, let’s talk now. If you ONLY want the boy or girl, I’d like to know now.

Generally, if you get a call from me on puppy matching day, that is a good thing. An email is probably letting you know all the puppies have been matched.

Thank you again to everyone that has interacted with this litter.