Fergie Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone,

I’ve uploaded six new videos on FB of the Fergie pups. They are ready to go Thanksgiving week and I plan to start making calls tonight after 6pm pacific time.

Here are the names I have and this is the order in which I will begin calling people.

1. #52 Judy D

2. #54 Susan H (females)

3. #56 Brook M

4. #57 Scott O

5. #58 Chris B

6. #67 Kathleen H (males)

7. #75 Nancy L

8. #76 Jay M (both)

9. #84 Lauren G (males)

10. #94 Janelle B (both)

11. #96 Katie T (females)

12. #104 Aliece G (both)

13. #106 Katie M (both)

14. #111 Ying Y (both)

15. #112 Linda Hab (both)

16. #113 Holly W (both)

Please remember that when I begin to call, if I’m not able to reach you I will be moving forward to the next name. It’s very important that you block out the time and have your phone nearby. I will FaceTime with anyone that is able.

Looking forward to getting this process started tonight!!

One response to “Fergie Puppy Selection

  1. Hi Kristy, It’s just a detail, but the first person on your list for Fergie pups, JudyD, is #51. I am #52, Renee G.

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