Pup in Sacramento

Hi Everyone!

Things are so busy around here and the activity isn’t slowing down at all!

We’ve learned about a pup in Sacramento, CA, looking for a new home. It’s a white male Cavachon, young, with more energy than the family was expecting.

If you’d like to be connected with the family, please send me an email and include a little about yourself, how a pup will fit into your lifestyle, as well as a phone number where you can be reached.

Title the email “White Male In Sac” and I will forward your email and the family will contact you directly. They are looking for someone local that can drive to them ASAP. Also, this isn’t a free puppy, just another one with an upbeat personality looking for owners that are ready for some action!!

My email is silverpawcavachons@gmail.com

In other news, I will continue matching the Fergie puppies later this afternoon. Currently we still have two males and two females available and we will finalize matching the other two males that are pending. I have a list of people to still call but I’m hoping everything will be finalized today.

I’d like to take all the puppies to the vet tomorrow to get their health certificates so they can travel this coming weekend and next week. They are ready to go Sunday, November 22nd.

Thanks for keeping up with all of these blog posts!

Kristy 🐶💕😊

Fergie Puppy Update

Hi Everyone!

I’m done for this evening calling people. We have two males and one female pending and I will continue with my calls tomorrow starting around 3:30-4:00 pacific time.

Please be sure to watch the videos on FB and I’ll try to FaceTime tomorrow with the puppies.

I left a few messages today with people that didn’t pick up their phones. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Talk soon!!


Fergie Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone,

I’ve uploaded six new videos on FB of the Fergie pups. They are ready to go Thanksgiving week and I plan to start making calls tonight after 6pm pacific time.

Here are the names I have and this is the order in which I will begin calling people.

1. #52 Judy D

2. #54 Susan H (females)

3. #56 Brook M

4. #57 Scott O

5. #58 Chris B

6. #67 Kathleen H (males)

7. #75 Nancy L

8. #76 Jay M (both)

9. #84 Lauren G (males)

10. #94 Janelle B (both)

11. #96 Katie T (females)

12. #104 Aliece G (both)

13. #106 Katie M (both)

14. #111 Ying Y (both)

15. #112 Linda Hab (both)

16. #113 Holly W (both)

Please remember that when I begin to call, if I’m not able to reach you I will be moving forward to the next name. It’s very important that you block out the time and have your phone nearby. I will FaceTime with anyone that is able.

Looking forward to getting this process started tonight!!