What’s Coming Up

Hi Everyone!

I haven’t been ignoring you, just extremely busy!! The last of the Scarlett and Paige pups have all gone to their forever homes and the attention will be on the Fergie litter. Here are some updates you can expect by the weekend.

First, I will be adding all the new names to the waiting list. Several of you have reached out to me; and YES! Your name will be added to the list.

Second, I will be doing videos and publishing a link with more info on the Fergie puppy selection. That will come in another blog post.

Third, Sophia had puppies, and I will post more details about them. Here is a sneak peek!

Fourth, We have another new litter of two blenheim females and I will post more about them as well.

Things are moving along here. It’s cold, wintery, and we have a new puppy of our own…Maisy. She’s a Tri colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the sweetest girlie ever, and such a playful smuggler!!

So as always, there’s never a dull moment here! More coming this weekend!! Thanks for your patience!