Maddie – Available Accelerated Cavachon


If I had to use just one word to describe this girl, it would be “gentle”, but the word “sweet” would be a very close second.  This puppy is probably going to be the ultimate lap dog for someone.  She is content to be in your arms, and while the other puppies are playing their hearts out, she’d rather watch, or be close to you.

She is 100% puppy still, and does enter into the fun, but she is not the main initiator of it, and sometimes she just stays out of the way when Tiny Tim and Abby (next blog post) get into the rough and tumble play.


She is gentle and loving, and a tiny little thing at just over 7 lbs last time she was weighed.


She got one of those killer haircuts as well.  There is a picture at the end of what she looked like “before”.



Her ears and long and wispy, just giving her such a soft and loving look when you see her face!




If you like hair, just let hers grow out!  She’ll be a mop before you know it!

Maddie loves her walks on the leash and does pretty well traveling in the car.  She is crate trained and is just waiting for her forever home.

Maddie will be spayed before going home.

Adoption Fee $1500

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