Pepper is One Year Old!

M shared this photo of her Shichon, Pepper, today on the Silver Paw Kennels Facebook page. I wanted to share it here to show people how Shichons often fade as they get older, unless they were black & white to begin with.

Here is Pepper as a one year old dog, and the insert is what he looked like as a young puppy! I think he is gorgeous now, but he sure did lighten up!


Sophie Goes Home

Sophie, our 4th Accelerated Puppy went home last Sunday. She is adjusting well and learning the ropes in her new home. Here are a couple of updates.

Sophie Made It

Well we didn’t hear a peep out of Sophie during the whole 8 hour trip back to P. We stopped about 4 times to get out and walk a bit and she did great. Right now she is resting next to me in the kitchen after getting a walk around the neighborhood and then given a tour of her new home. I am so glad you trained her to walk on the leash properly – what a joy to have her stop when I stop and to wait when I ask her too.


Sophie is doing much better with the grandchildren today. They came over for a visit and she followed them around and hung around while the kids played but jumped back if they make any quick movements. She startles easily even with me with so I don’t know if that will be a longterm thing or if she is still getting used to us. I’m going to take her to a small dog “play group” at a local dog training center and see how she does. Tomorrow we are off to the vet.

It does take some time for a young dog to make the transition. But overall, it sounds like Sophie is getting used to her new home!