Today In The Dogs…

1. Maggie had babies.

2. Brought Lilly down to the nursery as she was big as a barn.

3. Brought Princess down to the nursery as she was big as a barn also!

4. Hurley went to the groomer.

5. Teddy II went to the groomer.

6. Male ShihTzu puppy went to the groomer.

7. Tiny female Shichon got her Health Certificate.

8. Made plane reservation for tiny Shichon to fly to Seattle tomorrow.

9. Made plane reservation for male Malshi to fly to Denver on Friday.

10. Picked up Sophie from the vet. She was spayed yesterday.

11. Picked up Tiny Tim from the vet. He was neutered yesterday.

12. Drove home with 6 puppies/dogs in my car.

13. Still need to give 8 puppy shots.

14. Still need to do the evening cleaning of the nursery.

….and this is just the dog stuff. There was school transportation, laundry, kids, and chores besides!! Thankful for the energy and health to do all this though, and thankful for the work to keep me active!


Male ShihTzu ready for his new home.


I have stuff and I need to get rid of it. It is everywhere and in the way. Our home is small and we need to have only what we need, love, and use regularly.

I came across a stack of old nature posters. I haven’t looked at these posters for over 20 years, yet I can’t just toss them into the trash. Why is that?

They were special at one time. They covered the walls of my childhood bedroom. I remember when I packed them away, I thought I would give them to my children. I thought they would be precious to them like they were precious to me.

Our kids don’t really care about OUR stuff. They have their OWN stuff. I did give the horse poster to my daughter some time ago. It’s not on her wall now. It must have torn and been thrown away. I guess there is some satisfaction in knowing that one of my children enjoyed one of my precious posters.

I’m going to toss them in the trash tonight. But first, I am going to look at them, enjoy the memories, and smile.


The Mighty Wolf


The Grand Tiger


The Cute Koala Bear


An Ugly Monkey. Not sure why I kept this one!!

There is one of penguins diving into the icy ocean and a sweet sea otter. There is a fox pup and his mother peering out of a hollow tree den and an African cheetah with two cubs. Somehow, these were significant to the child Kristy, and I have moved these items with me all these years. It’s really quite amazing if you really think about it.

But it’s time to part ways. I feel a little better that I snapped some photos. And don’t worry, there are many, many things that get tossed without a thought. I’m just trying to go through everything and slim down. I want peace and order to surround me, so a lot of things are going to have to go.

Puppies Made It To Seattle

The flight was successful to Seattle and all 3 puppies are in the arms of their new parents! Here is a quick update from Braden’s new mama.

Braden wagged his tail when I called his name. Then barked hello to me :-). R loved him and after getting everyone situated with their pups, we’re on our way home. Braden is in his crate, asleep! He’s a natural in the car! We’ll stop on way home to pee/poop, he didn’t do either at cargo. Kennel was clean!

M and hubby were SO excited. L and her partner talked very highly of you. Both their pups so cute.

I’ll call you when home, I’m taking over driving now!



Accelerated Puppy #3 Goes Home…And 2 Shichons

Friends, it’s doesn’t get any easier.

First I had to send home Chloe, a Blenheim Cavachon that we kept and trained for 6 months.

Then I had to send home Zoe, a solid sable Cavachon that we kept and trained for 8 months. Both dogs live in the same home in Connecticut, and dogs and family are happy!!

Today I’m sending home Braden, a 15 week old Tri Cavachon that has completed Phase 1 Accelerated Puppy Training. He will be missed, but he will be loved even more!!

I’m also sending home 2 Shichon puppies on the same flight!! I know all the pups and families are going to be very happy!!

Goodbye Braden, Harper, and the tiny dark brown and white Shichon from Sadie’s litter! Send pictures and let us know how you are doing!!