Last Available Bichon

Reposting this as we still have this gorgeous and fun male puppy looking for his forever home!

We have just one Bichon Frise Male puppy still available. His brother went home this morning to be the 2nd pup to a family with a female Cavachon. He’s going to make a perfect little brother.

This pup could be a little brother too, or maybe just “the man of the house”! His personality is spunky and fun and he’s ready to go anytime!


He is very attentive and ready to be in the middle of whatever is happening!


He is also very sweet and affectionate! Who could resist this face?

Male Bichon Puppy Available

Oh no! We’ve just received word that the family lined up to adopt this beautiful puppy will not be able to get him. He is being Accelerated and lives in the house with us. He is AKC registered and will be around 14-16 lbs as an adult. He is loving and fun, enjoys belly rubs, uses the doggie door and litter box, and is actively being crate trained. He will be a wonderful companion!





He is a ball of white fluff! It was night when I took his photos and the lights make him look kinda yellow.

Available Cavachons – Molly & Teddy II’s Babies

UPDATE 10-29-11

Molly’s babies are 5 weeks old and all of them are available for deposit. These are all girls, one sable/white and two Blenheim. If you look carefully at the Blenheim babies, one has more of a Bichon face, and one has a more cavalier face. They are all growing nicely and learning to use the UGODOG.


2 Blenheim girls and 1 sable/white girl!


This is the blenheim girl with a more Cavalier look to her face.


This is the blenheim girl with a more Bichon look to her face! See the difference?

Here is a video of these girls, playing in the outdoor play yard! Enjoy!

UPDATE 10-11-11

Molly had 4 Cavachon puppies, but one is being raised by Maggie because he was so huge! These are the three girls, 2 blenheim and 1 sable/white. They will be 3 weeks old on October 14th. We are accepting deposits on this litter.






UPDATE 11-15-11

Molly’s puppies are 7 1/2 weeks old and rambunctious and playful!! Still working on the UGODOG training and holding and cuddling them all daily!!