Male Bichon Puppy Available

Oh no! We’ve just received word that the family lined up to adopt this beautiful puppy will not be able to get him. He is being Accelerated and lives in the house with us. He is AKC registered and will be around 14-16 lbs as an adult. He is loving and fun, enjoys belly rubs, uses the doggie door and litter box, and is actively being crate trained. He will be a wonderful companion!





He is a ball of white fluff! It was night when I took his photos and the lights make him look kinda yellow.

3 responses to “Male Bichon Puppy Available

  1. i may be interested in your accelerated bichon ..but have my heart set on one of your cavachons …i believe a little less coat mtce and i love the disposition of the cav spaniel …but like the fact this one is partially trained …home for the pooch will be on an acreage in vancouver canada …and he will be the lone animal kids ..but will reside in the house with us …is this a good fit for a bichon ? where are you located for pickup ? what are you asking $ for the pooch ? thanks dennis

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