Last Available Bichon

Reposting this as we still have this gorgeous and fun male puppy looking for his forever home!

We have just one Bichon Frise Male puppy still available. His brother went home this morning to be the 2nd pup to a family with a female Cavachon. He’s going to make a perfect little brother.

This pup could be a little brother too, or maybe just “the man of the house”! His personality is spunky and fun and he’s ready to go anytime!


He is very attentive and ready to be in the middle of whatever is happening!


He is also very sweet and affectionate! Who could resist this face?

Male Bichon Puppy Available

Oh no! We’ve just received word that the family lined up to adopt this beautiful puppy will not be able to get him. He is being Accelerated and lives in the house with us. He is AKC registered and will be around 14-16 lbs as an adult. He is loving and fun, enjoys belly rubs, uses the doggie door and litter box, and is actively being crate trained. He will be a wonderful companion!





He is a ball of white fluff! It was night when I took his photos and the lights make him look kinda yellow.

Candid Playtime

We’re just hanging out in the kitchen. It seems the Blenheim puppies were more interested in the camera this evening.


Solid Sable female from the Daisychon litter. She is going home this weekend to live with Shannon in New York State!


The Rosie blenheim female.


The Princess blenheim females


The sable/white females. They were a little apprehensive about the camera.

Be sure to check the YouTube channel. There are a couple new videos of them all playing.

A Girl And Her Pup

Receiving this little note in my email was the best thing about today! Nothing warms my heart more than knowing that the puppies bring joy to the new families!

“We just love Bella! She is the sweetest thing in the world! Anyone who comes into our house is greeted with a big series of licks!!! She is so energetic and adorable!!!! And a fast runner!! Bella sleeps great and has just loved her new home! Bella is a cavachon, and came from the Princess and Skippy litter. She is the best Christmas present EVER!!! Bella is such a love……sometimes we wish we had named her Cuddles!!! Goes with the crowd, and always wants to be with people. I never wanted a big dog, so she was the perfect pick!! Bella is white and sable brown. Cutest combination of colors! Bella is the best puppy ever!!!

And here is a picture of her, and one of her and me. So if you could just let me know if this is the way to put it on the website that’d be great!

Thanks Kristy for the best puppy ever!!”



A Boy And His Pup

I love hearing from everyone after their puppy has gone home! Its especially fun to hear from the children in the family. Here is a testimony from an 11 year old boy!

“Frodo has been a very good dog around the house, he has learned to sit, he’s almost learned the down command, and is almost potty trained. He has been very friendly to my family and friends. He loves walks (he actually loves running!), food and sleeping. He is doing very well and is almost done with his shots (Hooray for that.) He has been a great addition to the family and my life.”


I should add that Frodo, the pup, was the only blenheim pup from the Princess/Skippy litter.  I hope all of his brothers and sisters are thriving as well!