Accelerated Puppy

We have the joy of working with the small Blenheim male from Pansy’s litter as an Accelerated Puppy.

We have started crate training with him and have been socializing him with as many people as we can. Once he’s had his 2nd shot we can start taking him more places with us so he can meet even more new people and get used to traveling in the car.

He is a very social boy and full of energy. His final destination is New York City after he is neutered. This should be a fun journey.


It rained outside, and he got a little wet when he went out to potty.  We brought him in and snuggled him in a big blanket!



He is very curious and alert to all of his surroundings!



His current buddy is “Bella”, the black/white Cavachon female that is still available for adoption.



He is a lover boy and a ball of wiggles!



Update on Luna

Here is an update from the family that got Pansy’s blenheim female! Glad things are going well:)

Hi Kristy,
We’ve had Luna about a week-and-a-half now and she is certainly settling-in as a member of the family! She is a funny, energetic puppy – I have nicknamed her Luna-Tic!
She passed her vet check with flying colors, uses her UGoDog alomost every time she potties, loves her many toys, and curling up on our laps when she is done running around the house or yard at full speed. We are having such a good time with her! N



Gracie Update

Another update! I love getting these emails!

Hi Kristy,

Lisa G. here- I have little Gracie from Lilly and Skippy’s litter of May 15/16?, 2010. I think it was the 15th, but not sure…Gracie is such an amazing companion and best friend- she is incredibly smart, and loves learning new tricks!

We recently traveled to Ohio, and she flew with me under my seat- what a trooper she is. She loved the snow, and my mom’s 2 cats! Interesting to note—she never wanted anything to do with the soft sided crate I picked her up with in August of 2010 when I met you at the Spokane airport- so I decided to buy a new one, and within 3 minutes I had clicker trained her to “get in the box”, and she was ready to go.

Here she is in supermodel mode in her new sweater!

One day, I hope to have another- I’d love a little girl her size- she is still a slim and fit 10.25-10.5 pounds. Keep me posted on any Lilly and Skippy breeding plans…..

Hope you are enjoying your new home, and all is well!


Lisa and Gracie