Daisy & Pujo’s Litter 2 Weeks Old

What a bundle of soft, warm, chunky cuteness! Lilly’s litter is just beautiful and I did snap some great photos of them on their 2 week birthday.

I’m posting this from my phone so I won’t be labeling the photos. See if you can tell them all apart. For me, they have very recognizable differences. I’ll give you this hint-there are 2 boys and 1 girl! So far, one pup for sure is selected from this litter, and possibly a second one pending the weight at 4 weeks old.

Enjoy the photos!!









Gracie Update

Another update! I love getting these emails!

Hi Kristy,

Lisa G. here- I have little Gracie from Lilly and Skippy’s litter of May 15/16?, 2010. I think it was the 15th, but not sure…Gracie is such an amazing companion and best friend- she is incredibly smart, and loves learning new tricks!

We recently traveled to Ohio, and she flew with me under my seat- what a trooper she is. She loved the snow, and my mom’s 2 cats! Interesting to note—she never wanted anything to do with the soft sided crate I picked her up with in August of 2010 when I met you at the Spokane airport- so I decided to buy a new one, and within 3 minutes I had clicker trained her to “get in the box”, and she was ready to go.

Here she is in supermodel mode in her new sweater!

One day, I hope to have another- I’d love a little girl her size- she is still a slim and fit 10.25-10.5 pounds. Keep me posted on any Lilly and Skippy breeding plans…..

Hope you are enjoying your new home, and all is well!


Lisa and Gracie


Update on Bella

Here is an update on “Bella” from Lilly & Colby’s October 2012 litter!

Hi Kristy. Hope your family is doing well. Thought I would drop you a quick update on Bella (Lilly and Colby’s Oct litter). This must be the easiest puppy transition ever! She has slept from 9:30 until 6 since her first week with us! Crate training has been a breeze, and she has been ringing the bell to go outside for the past week! She is the perfect blend of playful and snuggler! She loves the kids and playing with her Schnoodle pal across the street. Don’t know what we did without her:)…

She is scheduled for spay, microchip, and hernia repair in March.  At 15 weeks she weighed 4lb 11oz. The vet does want me to ask you the height and weight of her parents. I know you are busy, but if you have a second we would love to have that info. Bella is Dr. Snyder’s first Cavachon patient! King Charles Spaniels are her favorite dogs, so she is very interested in our Bella…

We love our Bella, so thank you again:)

This was the tiny, tiny female from Lilly’s litter.  She shipped all the way to North Carolina and did fine on the plane!  She will probably stay under 10 lbs as an adult, which is a lot smaller than our normal 13-19 lb dogs that our Cavachons generally grow into.  Can’t wait to hear how she progresses in size!



To Foster or Not To Foster?

Deciding whether or not to foster puppies from a large litter can be a very delicate decision. With Lilly’s latest litter of 7 puppies, the option was available since Rosie had puppies just a few days before Lilly.

In making a decision, I draw on past experience, and specifically past experience with the mother that has the big litter.

I believe this is Lilly’s third litter. I believe her 1st and 2nd litters both had 6 puppies and she raised them both beautifully and without needing any intervention from me.

As the hours passed with this litter, my eyes were watching carefully to be sure everything looked good and the puppies remained robust looking, strong, and fully hydrated.

Each time I peek in on Lilly’s pups I am looking for specific details…like is there a puppy off to the side, do any of the puppies feel cool, are they in a warm clump near mama, are they each getting a turn to nurse, is there any pup that is excessively crying, is the mama keeping the puppies nice and clean and dry?

If any of those factors are not meeting my expectation, I begin to consider the options and what can be done to keep the puppies thriving.


This is what we want to see, puppies close to mom and content.

Another staple indicator of monitoring the puppies’ health is to weigh them regularly. After all the babies were born yesterday, which was over a 6 hour period of time, I got a beginning weight on each of them.


I did one that evening and then did it again the next morning. I was happy to see they had all gained a tiny bit, or at least had maintained their birth weight over the first night. During this time, I am still evaluating and running through my mind the pros and cons of possibly giving a couple of the puppies to Rosie to raise.

But as the day went by today, all factors were looking very positive, and by this evening, we have a solid weight gain from each puppy.


The tools are simple…a letter scale, Longaberger basket, and a sticky note pad.


I will keep track of weights for the next few days to be sure things keep moving forward in a healthy and positive way. At this point, I think I will let Lilly keep all her babies because she is doing a superior job.


Happy little hot dogs, twitching and sleeping, and eating, just the way it should be!!

(PS, for my English buffs, I know I wrote in past tense, then present, then past again. But I’m on my phone, so not going to change it!)


I love getting feedback from the new puppy homes! Sounds like Bandit (Lillys black & white boy) is settling in nicely!

” Hi Kristy,

Just wanted to let you know that “Bandit” is doing well. He has slept
through the night in his crate without going potty. We are working
diligently on the potty training. Our new mantra around here is “potty
outside”. He is delightful and quite the little clown. He can sit on
command and responds to “no” quite well. It is clear that he was raised
with a lot of love and care.

The cat is having a little trouble warming up to him, but hopefully in



Those cats definitely are unpredictable, but you can be sure that the new puppy almost always wants to make friends!


Update – Lilly’s Litter

I love getting updates! Here is a quick update from N & family who got one of Lilly’s male pups.

Get ready for cute overload!!

“Hi Kristy,
We have had so much fun getting to know T’s sable/white male from Lilly’s April 9 litter. Here are a few pictures of him at our home. Thank you for raising him so well. He is doing wonderfully with his UgoDog.
N, T & C”