Gracie Update

Another update! I love getting these emails!

Hi Kristy,

Lisa G. here- I have little Gracie from Lilly and Skippy’s litter of May 15/16?, 2010. I think it was the 15th, but not sure…Gracie is such an amazing companion and best friend- she is incredibly smart, and loves learning new tricks!

We recently traveled to Ohio, and she flew with me under my seat- what a trooper she is. She loved the snow, and my mom’s 2 cats! Interesting to note—she never wanted anything to do with the soft sided crate I picked her up with in August of 2010 when I met you at the Spokane airport- so I decided to buy a new one, and within 3 minutes I had clicker trained her to “get in the box”, and she was ready to go.

Here she is in supermodel mode in her new sweater!

One day, I hope to have another- I’d love a little girl her size- she is still a slim and fit 10.25-10.5 pounds. Keep me posted on any Lilly and Skippy breeding plans…..

Hope you are enjoying your new home, and all is well!


Lisa and Gracie


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