Things Are Moving FAST!!

Oh wow!  I can hardly keep up!  Things have moved so fast this weekend, I think we only have 3 puppies that are still available for selection at this time.

Congratulations to Nancy who has been matched to the blenheim female from Pansy’s litter.  They will be united in a few weeks when Pansy’s puppies are old enough to go home.

Congratulations to Amy, who has selected the Solid Sable Female from Maggie’s litter.  That adorable puppy will be flying home on Friday to Minnesota!

Linda will be getting her Black/Tan Male from Maggie’s litter this Sunday, and the Tri Male from Maggie’s litter will be going to California this week.

All four of the black/white females, 3 from Chelsea’s litter, and 1 from Pansy’s litter are reserved for selection.  This means they will all have homes, but I don’t know which puppy will be going to which family just yet.

Cynthia is deciding on one of the sable/white male puppies, which will leave the other sable/white male, and both blenheim male puppies from Pansy’s litter available for deposit.

So it looks like we have just 3 Cavachon puppies from the current litters still available for deposits!  It was a whirlwind weekend, with 5 new families making commitments about puppies.  If you are on the fence, please don’t wait, and get your deposit sent in.  Things can change minute to minute here at Silver Paw Cavachons!!