Redford Update

Love hearing from our puppy owners! Here is an update for “Redford”, a blond male from Aspen’s litter.

Hi Kristy!
I just wanted to give you a little update on our little guy, Redford. He is almost 7 months now, and 13 pounds! He is a ball of energy and I don’t know what I did with myself before we got him 🙂 We are so glad we found you and Redford – he brings us so much happiness! I hope Silver Paw Kennels is doing well!
A and E

He is just adorable and looks to be staying fairly small!


Update on Bella

Here is an update on “Bella” from Lilly & Colby’s October 2012 litter!

Hi Kristy. Hope your family is doing well. Thought I would drop you a quick update on Bella (Lilly and Colby’s Oct litter). This must be the easiest puppy transition ever! She has slept from 9:30 until 6 since her first week with us! Crate training has been a breeze, and she has been ringing the bell to go outside for the past week! She is the perfect blend of playful and snuggler! She loves the kids and playing with her Schnoodle pal across the street. Don’t know what we did without her:)…

She is scheduled for spay, microchip, and hernia repair in March.  At 15 weeks she weighed 4lb 11oz. The vet does want me to ask you the height and weight of her parents. I know you are busy, but if you have a second we would love to have that info. Bella is Dr. Snyder’s first Cavachon patient! King Charles Spaniels are her favorite dogs, so she is very interested in our Bella…

We love our Bella, so thank you again:)

This was the tiny, tiny female from Lilly’s litter.  She shipped all the way to North Carolina and did fine on the plane!  She will probably stay under 10 lbs as an adult, which is a lot smaller than our normal 13-19 lb dogs that our Cavachons generally grow into.  Can’t wait to hear how she progresses in size!




Raven is fat and has milk. She is in the house and we’re just waiting for her little bundles to arrive. She was bred to Colby, another Black/Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I’m expecting a lot of black babies! I hope to keep a male or two:)

She is a sweet dog and in the past has been a good mommy. Sure wish she’d have them soon so I can go sleep in my own bed. I’ve been downstairs near her, just in case, for the past 2 nights.

No digging yet…




I wrote this post a couple days ago. Today she is digging. I think we will have puppies by tomorrow morning.