Annie’s Litter 3 Weeks Old

These pups are just getting cuter every day! For now, they are available to those on the waiting list. Official puppy selection will begin at 5 weeks, though they may be selected earlier than that.



The Girls


Blenheim Girl


Golden Girl


Solid Sable Girl


Blenheim Girl


The Boys


Tri Boy


Golden Boy


Solid Sable Boy


Solid Sable Boy

One of Each Pup – Maggie’s Litter

I took these photos today while six children played with Maggie’s litter for an hour. Puppies and children alike loved every single minute of it!

The two very outgoing puppies are the Tri male and smaller Solid Sable female. I was pleased to see the Black/Tan male and larger Solid Sable female really moving around and feeling comfortable with all the activity.

Tails were wagging all around and the children were delighted to interact with the puppies. I hope they can come back often!



Larger Solid Sable Female – Available


Black/Tan Male – Reserved for Linda


Smaller Solid Sable Female – Available


Tri Male – Reserved for Angie


Maggie Had Her Puppies

We are happy to announce the arrival of Maggie & Pujo’s puppies. They were born late Friday night, January 18th. It is a gorgeous litter of 4, including all of our most coveted colors!

Maggie did well during the delivery. I set up camp just feet from her whelping bed, to make sure everything went smoothly.


The first puppy was born around 10:30pm. The last puppy came out around 1am. By 2am, mom and babies were cozy and settled, and I zonked out in the bed next to her.

I slept soundly till 9:30am the next morning and Maggie was a champ all night.

The babies are 2 days old now and tonight they will get their dew claws removed.

I love that we got all the rare colors in one litter! I always love the rainbow litters with 3 or more different colors!!


L-R Solid Sable Female, Black/Tan Male, Tri Male, Solid Sable Female.

Jackpot/Eli Update


Update from John…

Jackpot! is good. He is eating well (3 meals per day), his poo is good, and he enjoys playtime and naps. He is using the u-go-dog, but has had a few accidents. He likes chewing on human fingers, zipper pulls, and shoe laces.

He seems to poo most after bedtime and gets his human up to clean up and praise him after each event. Here is one image of him resting in the morning after getting his human up four times during the night (note the devil eyes), and another image of him after playtime.





Jackpot! had a good first visit to the vet yesterday. He charmed the staff, which is important for the long run…Jackpot! is happy and healthy and is doing a pretty good job with the u-go-dog. Here he is dozing this morning between wake up and breakfast. Regards, John


Brady Photos

Brady is a Tri color male Cavachon still looking for his forever home. He has a unique feature in that he has a smooth face. This means the hair under his eyes won’t need to be trimmed nearly as often, nor will it grow up into his eyes.

His smooth nose really shows off his muzzle and makes me want to call him Pinocchio!

He has a very outgoing and friendly personality and will do well in an active family.

Brady is ready for his new home anytime now as he has been wormed and received his first set of vaccinations. His adult weight should be from 16-22 lbs.