Jackpot/Eli Update


Update from John…

Jackpot! is good. He is eating well (3 meals per day), his poo is good, and he enjoys playtime and naps. He is using the u-go-dog, but has had a few accidents. He likes chewing on human fingers, zipper pulls, and shoe laces.

He seems to poo most after bedtime and gets his human up to clean up and praise him after each event. Here is one image of him resting in the morning after getting his human up four times during the night (note the devil eyes), and another image of him after playtime.





Jackpot! had a good first visit to the vet yesterday. He charmed the staff, which is important for the long run…Jackpot! is happy and healthy and is doing a pretty good job with the u-go-dog. Here he is dozing this morning between wake up and breakfast. Regards, John


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