Four Puppies Go Home

Four puppies have gone to their forever homes this week, one who flew to San Francisco, and three that I delivered today in the Spokane area. They all continued home to the Seattle area.


I’m a little bummed because the meeting today was rushed and I forgot to take any pictures. I did snap a picture while traveling in the car.


Little white Malshi girl was bursting with energy the entire almost 2 hour drive. I think she needed to potty the whole time because she promptly took care of business in the drivers seat when we arrived.

We had our “ewww” moment, cleaned it up, and moved on. I have a good relationship with the car dealership in town and have the Explorer detailed twice a year. It needs it badly each time!

I hope the first night goes well for all the pups! We will miss their cuteness!

Green Gables

I need to document this day. The green house is officially ours! Escrow closed today and we have keys!


This home is just 5 miles from the school my children will attend for the next 7 years. I’m really looking forward to living so close to school, church, and fairly close to town, though not too close!

The new house is cheerful and full of windows! The inside is always bright and sun-shiney! This is going to be good for me during the dreary winter months of the northwest. The weather is going to be more mild at this home, at least I don’t think the snow will fall quite as soon in the fall, and it will melt and stay melted earlier in the springtime.

We were there just yesterday and I failed to take any new photos. The grass is a vibrant emerald green now and spring is so evident at the new house. We were also surprised with a “lake” that we could see just across the road!


The sounds of birds filled the sky with song. I hope every spring is greeted with this surprise. The picture doesn’t do it any justice. The water was a vibrant blue and it spanned the prairie and was alive with fluttering activity!

Finally, my children will have their own space and my daughter will have some privacy! The boys will share a room and Kaelyn will have her own room. She has been sharing with the boys for the past 5 years, and while that was fine when she was 11, it’s a whole different thing now that she is 15 going on 16!

The house has some really nice features and the kitchen has a dishwasher! I know this is so basic, but after living without one for 5 years, I’m ready for that little kitchen “gadget” to be back in my life. The things I’ve missed most about my home in California were the dishwasher and a room for Kaelyn.

When we were hoping to buy the home, I posted a bunch of pictures HERE.  I’m very thankful everything worked out and we will be moving sometime this summer.  “Silver Hill” has been a nice place to be, and especially while I was homeschooling, but now that the kids are involved in various activities and going to school every day, we simply need to be closer to everything.  We spend so much time driving and it’s quite exhausting day after day.  My friend called the new house “Green Gables”.  I don’t know if it will really stick.  I’d like to think of something a little more original.  I do like the idea of “naming” a home!