Four Puppies Go Home

Four puppies have gone to their forever homes this week, one who flew to San Francisco, and three that I delivered today in the Spokane area. They all continued home to the Seattle area.


I’m a little bummed because the meeting today was rushed and I forgot to take any pictures. I did snap a picture while traveling in the car.


Little white Malshi girl was bursting with energy the entire almost 2 hour drive. I think she needed to potty the whole time because she promptly took care of business in the drivers seat when we arrived.

We had our “ewww” moment, cleaned it up, and moved on. I have a good relationship with the car dealership in town and have the Explorer detailed twice a year. It needs it badly each time!

I hope the first night goes well for all the pups! We will miss their cuteness!

2 responses to “Four Puppies Go Home

  1. Elly and Bear were CRYING the whole night! Bear missed the UGODOG twice, once at home and once in the car, but Elly made it all but once even in the car! Bear slept the whole car ride and when we got home all he wanted to do was play and bite/lick. Thank you for the puppies Kristy!!! You made me really happy! – Loren

  2. Hi Kristy: It is Sara and Loren. Thank you so much for the beautiful puppies. The ride home was great, no problems. Had the Ugodog in the pen and worked out well. Both played well with each other. Night they were crying mostly it was Bear, little Elly slept well. They ate well and used the ugo well, 1-2 accidents but no big deal.

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