Current Waiting List

Please take a moment to look at this list. If there is nothing next to your name, I need to hear from you to know when you want a puppy.

Due to the number of people consistently on the waiting list now, we need you to only be on the list of you expect to get a puppy in the next 6-12 months or sooner. There are a few if you that I haven’t heard from in over 3 months and if I don’t hear from you regarding this blog post, I will have to remove your name from the list.

As of today, these are the people I have actually received a deposit check from. If you have sent a deposit and don’t see your name, please let me know.

There are new videos on FB that have updates on which puppies are available. Please take a moment to get caught up with those.

The following is a list of the current litters, as well as a couple litters that have been born that I have not talked about yet.

When choosing a puppy, please consider your timeline and look at the dates for when the puppies can leave. That is the first level of your decision making process. We cannot keep puppies (as a general rule) longer than 13 weeks.

After considering your timeline, please evaluate the colors and genders that are available. You don’t need to actually see a pup to know what you for sure don’t want. With 16 different combinations, 8 colors and 2 genders, there are usually many combinations that you can rule out immediately because it doesn’t fit into what you are hoping to get.  If  you are open to various colors and both male or female pups, you will get a puppy sooner.

If the timeline, color and genders available line up, you can let us know you’d like more info about a particular litter.

Right now we are placing puppies from the Abbey and Justyne and Sadie litters. There are several from these litters that are available with no wait as everyone on the list has passed and is waiting for a later date or another color or gender.

Please know that you will NEED to be part of our FB page, Silver Paw Cavachons to see videos of the puppies. We do not post videos here and we rarely do photos. I’ll apologize ahead…I’m not patient enough to do pictures of wiggling puppies. They don’t cooperate ever and it’s always a very frustrating experience for me.

Lastly, send us an email at to ask questions about the puppies. I do not want the questions posted in the comments in the blog and I will answer by telling you to email us anyway.

Here is what we have and the dates they can go home.

All have homes

All have homes

Ready now or July 27 for Accelerated

Sable/White F
Sable/White M
Gold M (pending…the family will be taking him or the sable/white female. I will know by tomorrow.)

Ready June 30 or August 4 for Accelerated

Sable/White M
Black/White M
Black/White M

Ready July 3 or August 7 for Accelerated

Black/White M
Black/White M
Black/White M
Black/White M

Ready July 26 or August 23 for Accelerated

Blenheim F
Sable/White F
(These 2 pups have all white bodies with a touch of color on their ears and around their eyes)

July 30 or Sept 3 for Accelerated

Sable/White M

July 31 or Sept 4 for Accelerated

Blenheim F
Red F
Blenheim M
Blenheim M
Red M

Pregnant, due any day

Puppies will be available at 8 week old starting sometime in late August or early September and sometime in October for Accelerated.

Please remember that puppies can go home anytime after they are 8 weeks old up to 13 weeks old. We begin charging extra the day they turn 9 weeks old.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Again, I especially need to hear from you if there is nothing next to your name in the waiting list.


4 responses to “Current Waiting List

  1. Hi Kristy,

    Thanks for adding me to the waitlist. Will you have videos of Shiloh’s puppies soon? Just curious as to what the red female looks like as I’m unfamiliar with that colouring.

    Thanks! Deana

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hi Kristie. We took our new puppies, now named Teddy (the golden male) and Parker (the sable male) to our vet today. They got A+ for their checkup and have their second vaccinations scheduled for July 20th due to our vacation. This will get them on the same schedule for the remainder of their vaccinations. Do I need to send you something to verify this information? Please let me know. We just love them so much. They are so smart!! They have had no trouble in both their car rides and are already jumping up the stairs from the back yard to the deck. Mary Bazzano

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