Available Puppies

Head on over to FB to see the available puppies from the Abbey and Justyne litters!  Golden, black/white, and sable/white puppies ready for their new homes!

3 responses to “Available Puppies

  1. Hello. I’m looking for a puppy for our family. We have a 13 yr old cavalier and want to add a puppy for my 11 and 8 yr old girls. My oldest is dog obsessed and I want to surprise her for her birthday on July 31st. She’s been begging for 2 years and I’m finally getting my husbands buy in. I love this mix! My aunt has 2 and we just adore them. I prefer the white/tan coloring. I don’t care so much about sex but maybe a girls would be nice for my girls. Plus a better balance with my boy Cavalier. We live in whitefish bay just near Milwaukee.
    Can you let me know if you have a fitting puppy for our family?
    What is your cost?
    Will the July 31 timing work?

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