Quick Update

I’m back from vacation last Tuesday evening. Wednesday I had Teacher In-Service Day. Thursday I had First Aid and CPR class all morning and high school registration for my daughter in the afternoon. Friday I spent the morning at the mall (I literally owned 2 pairs of old blue jeans and one pair of newer ones. I have a part time job as a teachers aide that starts Monday and I had to find something to wear to work) and I spent the afternoon getting ready for a back to school cookout at our home. Today is Saturday and I’m going to church.

My goal for tomorrow is to take photos of all the puppies we have right now. Here is a quick overview…

Kofi, Accelerated puppy from Penelope’s litter. He’s doing great, NEVER misses his litter box, and is getting better at walking on the leash! Crate training is going well.

Lucy, solid sable Accelerated puppy from Daisy’s litter. She and her gold brother are doing great with the litter box. Will be introducing the crate to her next week.

Golden boy from Daisy’s litter. This pup is now available first to those on the waiting list. His owner is not able to take him due to a change in her work schedule. He is ready to go any time.

Rosie litter of Bichons. We have 2 male Bichon puppies available from this litter. They are about 5 weeks old so will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

Sadie litter of Cavachons. We have 5 black/white puppies in this litter, 3 males and 2 females. They are roughly 2 weeks old right now.

Jesse litter of Cavachons. There are 2 sable/white females and 2 solid sable males in this litter. They are also 2 weeks old.

All of these puppies will be available to those on the waiting list first.

Be watching for new photos posted on our FB page soon!!

7 responses to “Quick Update

  1. Hello,

    I received an email update from you today. My wife and I are very excited to have a Cavachon Puppy. May we please be put on your waiting list. We are both professional people in our 50’s and have owned multiple dogs for over 30 years. We recently relocated to San Antonio, Texas and have waited to replace our last pair of pups, who passed within weeks of each other in April, 2013. We are very ready to have a puppy again and I just spent several days with a friend in LA who had a 2 year old Cavachon. I really loved her demeanor and personality.

    Please let us know how to proceed with the process.

    Thank you,

    Stephen Hawk

  2. Forgive my ignorance -what is meant by “accelerated” puppy? What do I need to do to get on your waiting list? I previously sent you a letter.

  3. Hi Kristy,

    Saw all the beautiful puppies on FB and wanted to let you know I would be interested in a female pup if the waiting list gets to me #11

    Thank you and welcome back from vacation

    Donna Smith

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