17 New Puppies

All of our October litters have been born!

On Saturday afternoon, Roxy gave birth to 4 beautiful babies. She had a Black F, Blenheim M, Sable/White M, & Black M.


Then, late Monday night Jazzy began to deliver her babies. She gave birth to 5 sable/white females, but continued to have contractions. First thing Tuesday morning, I took her to the vet because I was sure we had a stuck puppy. They did a C-Section and removed an unusually large puppy (the vet said it was twice the size of the other pups in the litter), that indeed was stuck in the birth canal. We are sad to lose the male, but happy that mother and babies are doing well in spite of the complication.

Roxy has 5 sable/white females. The blenheim in this photo is one of Abbey’s pups, that I have since given back to Abbey. While I wanted to lessen Abbeys load, Jazzy just curls into a tight ball, making it hard for an extra puppy to find his place among all those girls. So he’s back with his birth family.


And if the day wasn’t already full of puppy activity, Abbey gave birth, with no complications, to EIGHT gorgeous puppies, 2 of each color, sometime during the day while I was at work! We have 2 Blenheim M, 2 Sable/White F, and one male & female each of the Golden pups and the Solid Sable pups.


All 17 pups are doing well, and they will all be ready just before Christmas, if they will go home at 8 weeks old. Accelerated puppies from these litters will be going home in late January!

I think many of you on the waiting list will find your match in these litters because we have lots of colors and both male and female pups! Please do let me know if you have your eye on any specific puppy!! I also want to know if you prefer to wait for a spring litter and you want to pass on all these babies.

We will be very busy caring for these three litters, plus continuing to take care of the older puppies from the previous litters that we are still training. I will try to update with photos, but basic daily care will be first in our list of priorities! Thanks for understanding.

Today Is The Day!

Roxy and Rocky had their babies!

Three pups are males, sable/white, blenheim, and black, and one of the solid black pups is a female. For those on the waiting list, these babies will be 8 weeks old on December 13th, and 13 weeks old on January 17th.

If you have any interest in these puppies, please send me a note via email. Also, if you KNOW you want to pass on this litter, due to timing, color, or gender, let me know that as well!

The fun begins!!


Woody Arrived in CO!

Hi Kristy!

Woody (that’s the name we’ve chosen) got here fine and is acclimating to his new home. He was exhausted after the travel and slept in my lap for more than an hour after I got him home. Below are a couple of pictures of him…one sleeping on my lap after I bathed him (he got a little stinky during the flight) and one with the girls and a friend. Our girls are on the left. They were so surprised and won’t stop buzzing for a few days I think!!

We will be taking him to meet his vet tomorrow and she’s looking forward to meeting him!

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to select a puppy on short notice…he’s perfect!!

We’ll keep you informed of his progress and send more pictures soon.




Second Puppy Is Headed To CA

What a doll face this little sable & white girlie is!! She took off this morning at 8:30am, bound for San Francisco, but due to weather (fog), had to be re-routed to San Jose instead.

What a joy to work with a family that did not get upset and simply made the adjustment midstream to pick up their puppy at a different airport!

She melted everyones’ hearts that met her!!



First Puppy Is Heading To CO

It is an early morning here at Silver Paw! The first puppy has been dropped off at the airport. He whined a little in his crate, but he seemed to wag his tail at all the airport workers. He is heading to Aspen Colorado, and he is a surprise for the children in the family!! I can hardly wait to see the pictures and hear the story!




Puppies Flying Tomorrow

Two puppies are going home tomorrow! Today they went to the vet to get their health certificates. Both puppies checked out just fine.

After seeing the vet, the puppies had fun after school with the children. They both loved all the attention. They hung like a little ragdoll’s in everybody’s arms. Their little tails did not stop wagging.

Here are a few photos.

One More Male Cavachon

Ok, we’ve matched all of Jesse’s litter and 4 puppies from Sadie’s litter. There is still one black/white male puppy available. He is available to anyone now who would like more info.

Please send an email to inquire about him. Do not leave a comment in this post. We can be reached at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com.





Sadie’s Girls

Here are the 2 girl puppies from Sadie’s litter.

I believe Kara is looking closely at this puppy.






Here is the other female. We have a couple families looking at her and in the following order. Bob & Roni.






Once I’ve spoken to all of the families looking at both the boys and girls, I will announce how the puppies have been selected and if there are any still available.

Thanks to everyone for your patience. Please keep in mind that puppies are ready to go home now, or they will be enrolled in our Accelerated Puppy program and they will go home on November 14th.

Sadie’s Boys

Here are some quick photos of the three male puppies from Sadie’s litter.

The first group of photos is the puppy that I believe Gail has selected. He has a lot of black and he has a full white collar that goes around to both front legs.





Here is the next boy. He is almost solid black on one side of his body, and both black & white on the other side.






And finally, here is the final male pup. He has a nice mix of black/white down his whole back and on both sides of his body.





I am currently working with Gail, Bob, and Tim for puppy selection with these three male puppies.

Exciting News

I just brought 3 mamas into the nursery today!  Roxy and Abbey have each had one litter, and Jazzy is a new mama, and this will be her first litter.  We should get the potential of ALL colors, as the males are Tri color (Sonny) and Black/Tan (Rocky).    They are due this month, which means we will be having Christmas puppies!!  There is a tiny chance we might make a trip down to California, and could “possibly” go as far south as Magic Mountain, if they are ready around Christmas and we decide to go visit family.  It will depend how many families we have that might be interested in something like that, and what our final Christmas plans look like.

For now, lets hope for safe deliveries, healthy puppies, and attentive mothers.  NO COMPLICATIONS…and the right color/size/gender for everyone currently waiting for their new puppy!!