Second Puppy Is Headed To CA

What a doll face this little sable & white girlie is!! She took off this morning at 8:30am, bound for San Francisco, but due to weather (fog), had to be re-routed to San Jose instead.

What a joy to work with a family that did not get upset and simply made the adjustment midstream to pick up their puppy at a different airport!

She melted everyones’ hearts that met her!!



First Puppy Is Heading To CO

It is an early morning here at Silver Paw! The first puppy has been dropped off at the airport. He whined a little in his crate, but he seemed to wag his tail at all the airport workers. He is heading to Aspen Colorado, and he is a surprise for the children in the family!! I can hardly wait to see the pictures and hear the story!




Puppies Flying Tomorrow

Two puppies are going home tomorrow! Today they went to the vet to get their health certificates. Both puppies checked out just fine.

After seeing the vet, the puppies had fun after school with the children. They both loved all the attention. They hung like a little ragdoll’s in everybody’s arms. Their little tails did not stop wagging.

Here are a few photos.