Hey Everyone,

This is happening a lot to reputable dog breeders. I just got a PM on my FB page asking of this account was me? The person said they’re communicating through whatsapp and whoever set up this account has stolen my photos and is posing as a dog breeder.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to research the breeder. I have been trying to watermark all my current photos and videos so scammers cannot use my info. Sadly, there are years worth of photos on my website and FB that are not marked.

You should be able to FaceTime with a legit breeder to actually see your puppy in person. BEWARE of scammers. This account pictured below is FAKE.

4 responses to “SCAMMERS

  1. Kristy,

    This is so terrible! ☹

    I was thinking, maybe you should add the date to your watermark for a little added protection. Not sure what you can do about all your old photos and videos.

  2. Hi Kristy! I think if you reach out to IG and tell them they’re scammers, they can take the Acct down. I also know if seen watermark apps to help with your pictures 💟

  3. I am not one of your customers but always keep your page to see what puppies you have and pictures. I thought of you when I saw your scam because we have had my husband’s ID stolen through Zelle. I wanted to warn you not to use their transfer money service. It has been three months. We and the bank thought things were fine and now it happened again today. I don’t know how people doing business on line can stay safe but this is one way you do NOT want to go…just FYI. We are in deep doo doo….because of this….they have a phone number that they must be using. This is none of my business really but I just needed to let as many people know as possible. I feel like I know you because I’ve followed you for four years since we got our pup in S.C. I hope this gets to Christy….it may be fake too. I can’t believe anything anymore. Sorry.

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