Names and Numbers

This is a quick post to clarify. I’m dealing with 100 names. It’s a lot. If you message me, please include THE NAME USED ON THE WAITING LIST and your number to let me know who you are.

I’m getting emails now from people asking to be added to the Kenzie list, saying they’re on the main waiting list, but I’m not seeing their names.

Be very specific with who you are and which name is used.

I’ve struggled with people having different names on their emails and social media profiles. Whatever name is used on the waiting list, and the number next to your name, that is how I will identify you. I hate that it’s so impersonal, but I don’t know how else to do it.

Thanks again for your patience!!


Last Call for Kenzie Litter

Hi Everyone,

We will be doing puppy selection for Kenzie’s litter on Monday, July 20, beginning at noon.

This is the last call for getting on her litter list. If you are higher than #56 you would not be in the top 5 at this point so there would be no reason to add your name now.

If you are in this top 5, please make sure you’re available on Monday and also it won’t hurt if you quickly send me your preferred phone number that you’d like me to use. If I call and am unable to reach you, I will move to the next name.

If you have a schedule conflict, let’s talk now. If you ONLY want the boy or girl, I’d like to know now.

Generally, if you get a call from me on puppy matching day, that is a good thing. An email is probably letting you know all the puppies have been matched.

Thank you again to everyone that has interacted with this litter.