First Puppy Is Heading To CO

It is an early morning here at Silver Paw! The first puppy has been dropped off at the airport. He whined a little in his crate, but he seemed to wag his tail at all the airport workers. He is heading to Aspen Colorado, and he is a surprise for the children in the family!! I can hardly wait to see the pictures and hear the story!




One response to “First Puppy Is Heading To CO

  1. OMG – he is adorable! I’m sure he’ll be just fine on the flight on his way to his new home.

    We got two puppies this summer, shipped all the way to us in Canada – and although they were a bit shell-shocked after the long flight, both were just fine.
    One of the pups was a surprise for my granddaughter – she named him Gambit, after the superhero in X-Men. He’s a real cutie and a handful. She told me that receiving the puppy as a gift was the “best day of her life.” She’s 8, by the way.

    Our guy, who we named Ozzy, is adorable, smart and everything we hoped for.

    Many thanks!

    Viv Draward
    Winnipeg, Canada

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