Max (Service Dog) Update

Receiving this email forced me to hold back tears! Knowing that we bred this dog leaves me feeling very proud and truly grateful.

Enjoy learning about Max and all that he has accomplished in less than a year of life!


I wanted to share with you pictures of our little Cavachon “Max”, as we know him. He is from Lilly’s October 2012 litter and came to us January of 2013.

In the 9 months he has been with the family he has/received:

1. The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award with the American Kennel Club

2. Service Dog Certification as a diabetic scent dog (August @ 10 months)

3. Attended elementary school (1st grade) and attended a preschool for kids with special needs.

4. He drove the Alaska/Canada Hwy

5. He went fishing in Prince William Sound

6. He flew on a small engine plane around Alaska and…

7. Returned to Oregon sitting in the cabin with his 6 year-old charge!

He started obedience and service dog training classes the week he came to us. When he was 16 wks old he started alerting of changes in my grand-daughter’s blood sugar level.

Max may be small but he has a big responsibility and the attitude to match. He is a happy and playful puppy, but put on his ‘red service dog vest’ – he is all business and his attention goes to a 6 year-old diabetic child, they are a perfect match!!

We love him!!


5 responses to “Max (Service Dog) Update

  1. Even though Jazzy is not a certified service dog, she is able tell when my glucose level drops. She alerts me when this happens. A real little life saver! These are very special little dogs!

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