How The Waiting List Works

I’ve had a lot of questions about the Waiting List, so I thought I’d give a quick update on how it works.  It is simple and complex all at once, which can sometimes be very confusing!

For starters, a name is added to the waiting list when a $250 deposit is on the way in the mail.  Names are added in the order that I speak with people about getting on the list, and we are VERY LOYAL to the order of the list.

If the list gets deep, it is a waiting game, as I will not get into detail about puppies until your name moves into the top 3 positions on the list.

When a litter turns 5 weeks old, we start getting serious about puppy selection.  I try to do new photos and a few videos so you can see the puppies in action.  At that point, I will contact whoever is #1 on the list and we will talk about all the available puppies.  We talk details, behavior, temperament, size speculations, etc., to try to match the best puppy to each family.

Once a puppy is matched to a family and/or selected by that family, their name will be moved OFF the Waiting List, and added to the Matched Puppies List.  Both of these lists are found on the right side of the blog, in the sidebar.

When a name is moved off the Waiting List, all the other names move UP the list, and #3 becomes #2, and #2 becomes #1, etc.  I then contact the new #1 person and we have the same detailed conversation, and so it goes till everyone has made some type of decision about that litter.

If someone on the list doesn’t want a puppy from that litter, they simply “pass” on the litter, and their name remains in the same position, but I move down to talk with the next person.  So someone might sit in position #1 for a while, waiting for a specific size/gender/color, while I match puppies to others on the list that do want puppies from the current litter.

If your name is down at #4 or #6, etc., I probably will not be talking details with you just yet, simply because if we talk details about a certain puppy, it is very likely that someone else will choose that puppy, and I have to ration my time because I am a mom of 3 children, and I work part-time substitute teaching!….plus all the normal dog work!  So when we do talk, I want it to be about puppies that actually might end up in your home!

If I work all the way through the waiting list, and there are puppies from the litter that were not selected, those puppies will be posted on the “Available Puppies” page on the website, and become available to anyone that contacts me, whether they are on the waiting list or not. We currently (at the time of this blog post) have a 13 week old Bichon that is posted and available to anyone that contacts us about him.

After matching puppies for 10 years, we feel this is the most efficient way of handling this complicated process, and while we know the wait is often painful, your time WILL COME where your name moves into the top 3 positions, and you will be getting a phone call or email from me, and we WILL talk in detail about the available puppies.

I hope this helps clear things up for anyone thinking about getting on the waiting list.  The $250 deposit required to be on the list becomes part of the purchase price for the puppy.  It is also totally refundable up until the time that you actually choose a puppy and have your name moved to the Matched Puppies List.  If we are unable to produce a specific color/size/gender, and you find a puppy from another breeder, we understand your desire to have a puppy in your arms, and your deposit will be shredded and your name removed from the Waiting List.  However, if you choose a puppy, and then decide to go with another plan, the deposit is non-refundable.

If there are any more questions about this process, please leave a comment below, and I will answer all questions that pertain to this post.  I definitely want this to be understood by everyone thinking about getting a Silver Paw Cavachon!

Annie’s Litter 3 Weeks Old

These pups are just getting cuter every day! For now, they are available to those on the waiting list. Official puppy selection will begin at 5 weeks, though they may be selected earlier than that.



The Girls


Blenheim Girl


Golden Girl


Solid Sable Girl


Blenheim Girl


The Boys


Tri Boy


Golden Boy


Solid Sable Boy


Solid Sable Boy

Maxwell is in the House

Maxwell, the last male pup from Sadie’s litter is a Phase 1 Accelerated puppy so I thought I’d show you the indoor set-up that we use.

I really like the taller Iris pen that comes with 8 panels. Cavachons are capable of escaping over a shorter pen, so we always recommend one that is closer to 3ft tall.

The Iris pen can be made long and skinny as is shown below, or it can be a nice 4ft x 4ft square.

When the pup first comes home and during the training process, it is important to organize his pen and set him up for success.



Here, Maxwell has limited space, encouraging sleeping in the right spot, chewing his bully stick in the right spot, and most importantly, going potty in the right spot.  He naturally doesn’t want to soil his bed/hang out areas, so there is very little “other” space, making the litter box a natural choice.  We also take him out as frequently as we can, but if we are not home, he has everything he needs in this space.



I recommend, when the puppy first comes home, to make his pen skinny like this.  As he is more dependable, you can opt for a more square and spacious area.  At night, you can also remove some panels, so there are only 6, eliminating almost all floor space and having only bed or potty for his choices.

Maxwell is pretty content in this puppy safe zone.  It is right in our kitchen, so he is in the middle of everything that is going on in the household!!

PS, his crate is backwards only because the door was swinging out the wrong way and I didn’t take time to change it.  I like to attach the door to the side of the Iris Pen, so that it stays open.

Puppy Selection Daisy’s Litter

It’s time for puppy selection with Daisy’s litter. Those on the waiting list, please contact me if you are interested in one of these pups, and also if you would like to pass.

They are going to be solid, as they were already 4 lbs at 4 weeks old. My best guess is that they will be from 17-23 lbs as adults.

They are gentle and calm puppies, very quiet so far, and laid back in personality.


Male – Reserved for Sheri & family.


Female – Reserved for Curt & Becky!!


Male – Available for deposit.

I have a few more photos of each puppy. Please email me if you are interested in seeing more angles. I will respond once I hear from everyone on the waiting list.